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Battlestar Libra: The Origins of the Story and of Battlestar Central

In 2005 several amateur writers with a love for both writing and for the television series Battlestar Galactica joined together to put their own spin on the Galactica universe. The main question on their minds was "Was it possible other ships could have survived the attacks on the Twelve Colonies?"

We all know the story of the Pegasus and how they survived, so it was conceivable others could have easily survived as well. After all, the cylons made mistakes in the Battlestar Galactica universe so their surprise attack obviously wasn't as complete as they hoped.

The next thing the writers needed to consider was whether they would meet the Galactica or plot their own course.

After weeks of discussion the decision was made to take the Libra on its own course of survival. How would the crew respond, thinking they were possibly the only survivors of the human race? Would they encounter other remnants of the colonies? Would they try to find Earth? Would they strike back against their mortal enemies?

These were questions the writers wanted to answer, and share with others who had the same love for the story.

The next task was to make a home for ourselves. One stipulation, however, was to open the site to anyone who enjoyed writing. There would be no restrictions as to the stories, the setting, or the content as long as it conformed to the understanding that people of all ages could read the stories and get enjoyment from them.

Thus the idea of Battlestar Central was born. Originally the site had a splash page and a simple set of forums for members to post their works. It stayed this way until the decision was made to expand the site into a full fledged one, with much more than a set of forums.

Now with the end to the Battlestar Galactica television series having already been shown and the fans of the series having gone their seperate ways we, the administrators of this site, sincerely hope to help fill the void left by the end of the show. We invite everyone to join us here in comraderie and understanding.

Here you will find everything from writing, to artwork, to 3D art as well. It will encompass everything from BSG, to Star Trek, to Star Wars, and beyond, depending on what the individual contributor wants to "put to paper".

Here on Battlestar Central there is no Original Series vs. New Series, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, etc. As a founding member of our site, Eaglestar51, once said: "We're all friendlies here..." and the members of this site firmly believe in that.

So welcome again to Battlestar Central. We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to seeing you here often.



The Admins of Battlestar Central