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Battlestar Group (BSG) 26 was part of the great Colonial Fleet, tasked to protect the Twelve Colonies from their enemies. At the opening of the conflict that would be later known as the Second Cylon War, BSG 26 was sent by Colonial Fleet Headquarters on Picon to intercept a fleet of cylon baseships that had entered Colonial space. The battlegroup achieved surprise in the opening stages of the battle, however the cylons quickly began to turn the tide of battle.

The cylons effectively destroyed the the human race on that fateful day, leaving only a few scattered survivors, who struggled to come together. What would happen to the humans that lived through the Cylon Genocide?

Battlestar Libra tells that tale...

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•After 40 years with no contact, the Cylons return to decimate the Twelve Colonies, leaving only a handful of survivors.

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Note from the authors: The remaining Battlestar Libra episodes are available to read in the Battlestar Central Forums. The conversion of these chapters of our story to a form suitable for publishing on, as well as downloading for use on an e-reader is an ongoing process. Additional chapters will be made available as the editing work is completed.

Thank you for reading Battlestar Libra!

•The remnants of the Twelve Colonies slowly come together in the aftermath of annihilation by the Cylons.

•Seeking the Galactica, the Battlestar Libra assembles a fleet of survivors at Ragnar Anchorage.

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•The Libra fleet discovers the remnants of the Cardelli Corporation.

•The fleet rests, heals... and mourns. Old antagonists, new alliances, and Cylon collaborators among the humans?

•A cylon collaborator is found and aboard a warship a battle rages against a cylon virus. Throughout the fleet, survivors deal with their new situation.

•Can the members of the fleet set aside their personal interests and conceits to work together for the common good? Or are the children of the Lords of Kobol too flawed to deserve salvation?

•Though cylon collaborators have been killed, and one captured, the fleet is now struck by a mundane - but deadly - threat: a virulent influenza outbreak.

•As they recover from an epidemic, the Fleet faces yet another crisis: the food supply, already diminished by a saboteur, is at risk from another source.

•The Libra finds five survivors on a remote research station, and an attempt to salvage the station goes horribly wrong.

•The crew of Outpost 29 try desperately to establish their position, while back in the Fleet the first steps toward Earth are taken.

•The survivors of the Twelve Colonies celebrate Colonial Day, remembering a happier time.

•The Fleet jumps into a nebula to hide from the Cylons, and finds that nature itself may be the most dangerous enemy of all.

•A deadly plague strikes the Libra fleet, and researchers race to find the cause while the casualties mount.

•A collection of short stories provide a glimpse into the backgrounds of some of the more prominent Libra characters.

•The struggle to ratify a constitution and establish a new government reaches a crux.

•The existence of the biological Cylons finally becomes common knowledge among the Libra fleet survivors.

•In the wake of the revelation of the biological Cylons, Rodrigues places the fleet under Martial Law.

•The Libra encounters the Battlestar Intrepid and her fleet of survivors.

•A mysterious beacon and the lure of much-needed medical supplies sends the Marines of Libra on a dangerous mission.

•With Admiral Rodrigues still missing, tension runs high as the Fleet encounters a self-proclaimed Pirate.

•The search for Commander Rodrigues continues, the fleet works to assimilate the rogue ships, and the Chiron is lifted.

•A Cylon infiltrator is killed, Kalrk and Psyche vanish from the fleet... and Kalrk returns.

•Doctor Vaillant reveals herself to be a Cylon, while a human long held by the enemy finds the fleet and brings a defector.

•A Libra crewperson is kidnapped by a fertility cult, and the resulting search reveals she isn't the only victim.

•Prior events trigger serious consequences for the Libra fleet.

•The Nimbus takeover ends, the Perseus saboteur is found, and the after effects of these incidents and others ripple through the Fleet.

•With a framework for governing the fleet in place, the people turn out to elect a new leader.

•Admiral Rodrigues and President Meyers gamble the Fleet's future on a prophecy... and take the offensive against a Cylon outpost.

•In the aftermath of the Battle for Pythos, the Order struggles to interpret their find, and the Fleet seeks a cure for a strange affliction.

•Admiral Rodrigues puts a bold plan into play to destroy the pursuing Cylon fleet.

•So much fun, we did it again! Another look back into the histories of the Libra characters.

•As the mystery of the Chiron unfolds, the Order's search for Earth leads the fleet to another lost colony.

•The Order searches the Pyramids for a beacon to Earth while relations between the Libra fleet and Oasis Colony erode.

•After Sarah's death and resurrection, the Cylon fleet arrives at Oasis while the humans attempt to evacuate.

•The revelation of Kalrk's true nature sets the civilian government and the military at odds, while covert forces plot in the shadows

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