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What good science fiction based story doesn't have cool high tech gadgets and vehicles? Visit the Gadgets page and take a look at the tools, guns, and ships of the different stories on this site.

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Whether you are a fan of the original series or the re-imagined one you may wonder what the history of the Twelve Colonies actually was. Here you will find a history of both TOS and TNS.

BSG 75 seal Interested in a story other than Libra? Here you'll find the links to several other stories on this site. Grab a bowl of popcorn and let the theater of your mind take you away!

Pen in hand Interested in writing fanfiction? Not sure how to begin? Check out the Writer's Workshop for tips and tricks from many of our members as well as from around the net.

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The human race was nearly wiped out by the Cylon attacks on that fateful day. As the humans were decimated, a small fraction of the population managed to survive. One group of survivors was led by the last of Battlestar Group 26. Read about these men and women here in the Libra bio page

Fleet in orbit

The remnants of Battlestar Group 26, after fighting a bloody battle with the cylons, soon picked up several ships in their convoy. See the ships page for images and descriptions.

Planet and Moon

Original artwork from the writers of Battlestar Libra, plus artwork contributed to our story by the artists. Many of these images on this page are exclusive to the Libra story.


A separate story and also part of the Libra universe. The story of the Battlestar Intrepid begins where the story of the 12 Colonies of Man end. Read what happens to the Intrepid before she finds the Libra.