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 Post subject: Marine transport Kang Tai
PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:40 pm 
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In John's Battlestar Intrepid story there is mention of a marine transport that was heavily damaged in the cylon attacks. Some 1400 marines were evacuated from this ship and transferred aboard other ships in the Intrepid fleet. Since reading about it, I have been a bit fascinated by this back-story.

In discussion with John, we settled upon the name Kang Tai for this doomed transport. "Kangtai" is pinyin Chinese for "safe and healthy", which is how the transport's marines were, despite the loss of the ship. We also decided upon the image above as a representation of the ship.

The reason I am bringing this up is that I am interested in exploring the story of the Kang Tai as background for my Taurus Special Ops character. (With 1400 marines and crew rescued, this ship could easily be part of quite a few characters' histories.) I would like it very much if the writing team would float some ideas here regarding the history of the vessel.

The Intrepid tale only gives a few facts about the ship so we are more or less wide open on ideas, although I think John should have the final say since he created the vessel and its circumstances.

Edit: The following are excerpts from Battlestar Intrepid

Battlestar Intrepid
Day 2 1736 Hours

“Lieutenant, make it fast on the IDs.”

After several tense moments “Identifications are confirmed. There are three military ships and eleven civilian.”

“What are the military ones?” asked Jacobs.

“Two fleet heavy tugs and a marine heavy transporter.”

Battlestar Intrepid
Day 3 1226 Hours

“Well, on the Nimbus there are a little over 1400 marines and the highest ranked officer is a just promoted major… Major Lenna Mendez. Worst of all, she was transported to medical here in critical condition. According to Dr. Sonji, she maybe in a carrot state forever.”

Pretrivich flinched for a moment “Who’s keeping the jarheads in line over there?”

Jacobs handed several reports to Pretrivich. “A Captain Daniel Storm is trying to keep them out of trouble. It looks like some of them found out Rep. Greene was on board and have caused a few problems.”

Pretrivich looked slowly at the Admiral from the reports “Anatomical additions and adjustments of an ice sculpture replica of the representative… according to this report… re-writing a banner… cheesy grade school stuff, sir.”

The major paused for a moment “What’s their story sir? How did they get here?”

“Well, they were about to participate in a war game when the Cylons attacked. The senior officers were on the command ship in a meeting and died.” Jacobs flipped through a stack of reports and handed it to the major “Their transport ship was hit by a missile right as they blind-jumped. There was a colonel on the ship, but he died.”

“Damn Cylons…” muttered the major.

“They were found by Nimbus and her small group of surviving ships at the time. A fleet heavy tug is pulling the old transport. According to the engineers, it’s just best to strip it and get rid of it.” Jacobs paused for a moment. “You’re to take personal charge of the marines. Keep them in line, Steven.”
Edit: From Battlestar Libra Episode 22, describing PFC Yull Estrada - "he’d formerly been with the 3rd Marine Assault Battalion, rescued by the Intrepid"


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