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 Post subject: Book Two: "Enemy Territory"
PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:57 pm 
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Book Two: “Enemy Territory”

“Chapter One: Preparations”

Commander Bruce Lindgren sat at the workstation finishing his report.


Ship’s Log; Commanding Officer’s Entry

It’s been 54 days since the Cylons attacked and destroyed the Twelve Colonies. One day since we mourned our 14 fallen crewmembers who died in our battle with the cylon baseship over Leonis.

The crew is understandably anxious to move forward. “Move Forward’. As though one lone vessel can make any significant difference, as the war was 54 days ago, and our side lost. Badly. Horribly.

Our raptors are scheduled for deployment in a few hours. May the gods protect them as they travel the twelve worlds. As they travel within enemy territory.

B. Lindgren


0725, 54th day since the cylon attack on the twelve Colonies
Briefing Room

“Attention!” CAG Rhonda Newcomb ordered, on seeing Lindgren enter the room.

“At ease.” The Commander said, as he made his way to the podium. He stood there for a brief moment before he spoke.

“I just came here to remind you all, that for this mission, the raptors will be Stellaris’s eyes. Chief of the Deck wants you to know that he expects his birds back without a scratch on them.”

That got a slight chuckle from some of the pilots and ECOs and, even the marines.

“Do not think that any of you are expendable. You are not. There are no replacements available for you, or for any of us. So nobody do anything dumb. That’s an order. Go with the hope of finding and retrieving survivors. But don’t take any risks. Stellaris can’t afford any losses in lives or ships.”

“Six hours. That’s all the time you get from the moment you Jump, to the time you are to return. It’s not a contest. If you find and bring survivors: great. If not, and you get back empty, that’s great too. Find who you can. Learn what you can. Stellaris is counting on your intel.”

“May the gods watch over us all.”


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PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 5:12 pm 
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“Chapter Two: “Eyes and ears”

0805, 54th day
Raptor N993ER on Canceron

Lt. Beau “Dipstick" LaGrange peered out of the cockpit at the trees in the distance, wondering if a cylon army might come running into the clearing with guns blazing. His raptor had Jumped from Stellaris to the colony. and had plummeted down through the atmosphere as quickly as their human bodies could endure. Now, the tiny craft was on the ground, not near any major city, but nowhere particular.

“That was some flying, Beau.” His ECO’s voice came from the back.

‘Thanks, Siren. I figure the less time we stay up, for the cylons to spot us, the better.”

“The marines didn’t have a problem with it.” Lt. Loretta ‘Siren’ Masters said. “Or those two jarheads were trained to keep a straight face. Me? I almost crapped in my flightsuit.”

“Where are they now?” LaGrange asked her. She was looking out the open hatch. He had unbuckled as was standing beside her..

“They only left like two minutes ago, Beau. Give them a chance.”

“How far?” he asked.

She pointed at the two marines. “In a minute they’ll be under heavy tree cover.”

“Good. Time for us to step out and keep our eyes and ears open.”


0825, 54th day
Raptor N847AR on Aerelon

The raptor’s pilot, Lt Neal "Orion" Grayson stood just off the ship, while the ECO was standing at the nose.

“Whatcha think, Scorcher? Think they’ll find anyone alive at that resort?”

“ I dunno.” Jerome Lathrop answered, his eyes focused on the floating structure, a man-made island, some miles offshore. “Think we’ll find any over there?”

“I doubt it. If I were hiding from the cylons, I’d get off the tiny islands and such. Get lost on the larger landmasses.”

“Makes sense.” Lathrop replied.
“Some plan, huh? Sending out the four raptors with two marines each, to four Colonies.”

“Yeah, we’re stretched thin.” Grayson remarked. “But like Nuke and Captain Reick said: the thinner the better.”

“It sure is quiet. No mechanical, no technological sounds… just the wind.”


0855, 54th day
Raptor N984ER on Sagittaron

“Almost an hour.” ECO Gwen Yerevan said, breaking the silence.

“Five to go, Iceberg.” Lt. Barbara Gaines said to her.

“Do you think they’ll find anyone alive, Binary?” The ECO asked the Pilot, referring to the two marines that were on retcon.

“I don’t know.” Gaines said, not in an irritated manner, but in a tone of helplessness. “We just sit here and wait.”

“Just like Stellaris is doing: waiting for us raptors.” Gwen ‘Iceberg” Yerevan sat in the raptor’s hatch, with her pistol out. “I hope the others are doing okay.”


0859, 54th day
Raptor N861AR on Virgon

Lt. Karen “Thunderbolt” Mueller finished her tests of the ship’s systems. “everything’s in order.” She smuttered.

“Relax, T-Bolt.” Her ECO Lt, Andrew "Bulldog" Mulligan replied. He was seated at the hatch, looking out, with his pistol drawn. “The marine’s signal us if they run into any trouble. Otherwise, we have hours to wait.”

Mueller let out a deep breath. “I know, Bulldog. I just wish we could’ve done some retconning from the sky, instead of sitting here in this field.”

“You figure the marines are having all the fun?” He asked her playfully.

“No fun about it, ‘dog.” She retorted. “Four known living humans on this entire planet, and gods know how many cylons. Nothing fun about it.”


0915, 54th day

Commander Bruce Lindgren was alone in his quarters, seated at his desk, looking over the various reports on the ship’s damages and repair estimates.

There was a knock at the door.

“Enter!” He shouted so that whoever was in the hallway should hear him.

“Commander.” She said as she entered and was walking toward him.

“What do you have, Major? He asked the Senior Science Officer.

Since she had been assigned to the research vessel, for its covert mission to enter cylon space, Deborah Seiter of Colonial Space Exploration Agency, or C-SEA for short, had forged a respectable relationship with the vessel’s commanding officer.

“I’m as eager as the next person, to get that intell from the raptors…but I’m wondering what 4 raptors can do.”

Lindgren nodded his head in agreement. “They won’t free the Colonies nor destroy all the cylons. But the curiosity... we have to know what’s left. The crew needs to know.”

“And if they come back with all bad news?”

“We’ll face it, and decide our next course. One day at a time, Deborah.”


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