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 Post subject: The Calm Before
PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 8:12 pm 
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Day 0

Battlestar Daedalus
639 SU from Helios Alpha

The CIC of a battlestar could be a surprisingly tranquil place, for the work done there invariably required constant concentration, even from a skilled and experienced command staff. As the five-year cruise of the Daedalus came to an end, the only sounds to be heard came from the constantly sweeping DRADIS or the occasional chirping computer responding to input. The crew only murmured to each other necessities, going about their duties as efficiently as the technology they operated. Any spare thought not dedicated to the business of running a battlestar was worlds away, at home. One more faster-than-light jump and that dream would be a reality.

In the center of this militaristic serenity Colonel John Rico was finding it hard to believe this was his last time on duty, while eagerly anticipating the end of what seemed a lifetime in space with no end. Five years had tested his carefree spirit, but not even come close to breaking it. He liked to think he was returning home the same man who left, just with a bit more muscle tone and experience running drills of a great variety. Still, time in space had quite lost it's charm that appealed to his inner child playing with toy Vipers.

A young female officer's voice spoke up above the white noise of Daedalus' CIC and Rico's thoughts. "Sir, LSO reports the last patrol has landed. We're ready to jump home soon as clearance is received."

"Excellent, have Sky report up here for this. Tell her to skip post-flight, that's an order." He knew that wouldn't be received well, but he wanted her here nonetheless.

"Yessir," responded Rigel, the cute, but professional and highly capable flight officer.

At that moment the doors behind the colonel parted and Rico knew who it was before turning by the announcement: "Commander on deck!"

"At ease, for Hera's sake, I'm just here for the moment," stated Commander Lin Castillo joyfully, striding into the room and slapping a hand on her XO's shoulder. "Ready to go home?" Briefly she turned to meet the gazes of everyone in the room and received universally enthusiastic responses before turning to her first officer.

"You know it, sir. The beaches of Canceron have been calling me for five years." Rico smiled broadly as he realized just how close those sands and pretty girls were.

"Sirs," interjected Rigel. "we've just received jump clearance and co-ordinates from Picon HQ. We are clear to enter Colonial space."

A uncontrolled roar of applause filled the once-quiet CIC.

Rico received a nod of approval from his CO before giving the order over the celebration. "Begin jump prep. Let's go home."

While folding space and time over on itself could never be called routine by any means, this particular crew had performed the operation so many times that it was almost mundane from practice. Sending themselves and their ship across the void in the blink of an eye had become about as exciting as a road trip to the see the folks. This jump was different however. This was the jump that would send them home. They began the process with gusto.





Castillo leaned close to Rico with a sly smile on her lips. "So I hear you got a special message from FLEET COMM in the last burst?" she asked as the sound-off continued.

He considered making a note about how such messages where supposed to be private, but thought better of it. Command had in all likelihood told her about the content of the message before she even had a chance to read it. "Yeah, they offered me the Rhiannon, and she's a good ship..."

"You bet your ass, she's a Mercury. I'm real happy for you - much as I'll miss having an XO the crew actually likes. Hell, maybe I'll get the chance to call you 'sir' before I retire."

"Well I don't know..."

Lin's expression suddenly hardened as she realized. "You're not gonna take it."

"What can I say? Daedalus is where I belong for now. Really don't want a command right now to be honest," he admitted, throwing up his hands in resignation.

"Well to be honest, if you don't take this one there might not be another."

Rico opened his mouth to answer, but was cut off mid breath.

"Board is green. Standing by to jump."

Before he could worry about her absence, the CIC doors again parted to reveal a woman similar in appearance to the previous entry. Both shared fierce, strikingly good looks despite the fact that Captain Skylar "Sky" Sorez was twenty years younger and twenty times fiercer than Lin Castillo. It was said that you could check every ship in the fleet and not find a meaner CAG. This was quite possibly true.

"Reporting as ordered," she spoke and saluted with icy perfection. Harboring no obvious anticipation or excitement for the moment, she maintained her constant and unbreakable professional demeanor.

"Just in time," smirked Rico. "At ease, I order you to enjoy the moment." He turned to give the final command, but was stopped by Castillo.

"A minute please, Johnny?"

"Of course, Commander."

"Give me ship-wide." She waited for the crewman working communication to acknowledge, then picked the headset off the rack. "This is your commander. Over the last few years we've gotten to know each other quite well, and in doing so gotten on each other's nerves a fair bit..." This elicited some knowing glances across the room. "... but, most of all we've become one helluva crew and not lost our marbles in the process... well, not completely." Some laughter - some forced. "I just wanted you all to know there is no group of people I would have rather gone through it with. So I won't waste any more of your time. Standby to jump."

The cheers broke out anew as Castillo herself walked over to the station and inserted the glowing blue key. "Three... two... one...... jump."

An instant seemed to stretch outfor an enternity and Daedalus was gone in a flash.

"It was an unknown unknown!"


 Post subject: Re: The Calm Before
PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2012 6:05 pm 
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Wolf Shipyard
Cyrannus-system Barycenter

"You think The Old Man has any idea?"

"No way, all fleet records still list her as Enterprise. Only people who know about the change are on this station... and they're all sworn to secrecy under penalty of firing squad."

Admiral Garris Bale took a long sip of ambrosia before replying to the aged but beautiful brunette figure standing next to him. "Good work Jen. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we catch ol' Husker crack a tear..." Bale sighed heavily. "...shame he never made Admiral."

At this his mind and eyes drifted to the sprawling space bourne complex that stretched out in every direction around him. From their vantage point on the observation deck the pair could see every kilometer of the massive, shapeless shipyard. Every inch was dedicated to the designing, constructing and finally the testing of the newest, most advanced ships in the Colonial Fleet.

The latest marvel of interstellar engineering currently hung above the metal surface in perfect formation with Bale's own ship, the Battlestar Cerberus. Next to a Mercury-class such as Cerberus, the Fenris-class looked almost like an alien vessel. The sleek, elegant curves were in stark contrast to the stocky monolithic shapes that made up the older vessel. Still, the obvious battlestar design and Colonial markings gave away her identity.

"Well, there was the Valkyrie incident..." Commander Jen Jenkins voice and the unpleasant memory behind them brought Bale back from the void.

"That clusterfrak was our fault. He just took the hit."

"Him and his pilot, from what I hear."

Bale shot her a cold look. "You hear too much sometimes, Commander."

"Yes sir," she replied in a hurt voice.

"I'm sorry," Bale said sincerely. "Bill and I went through a lot during the War. It's hard to see old friends rust in peace while I'm--"

"A Living Legend?"

"Well, that's one way of putting it."

The Legend took one more moment to admire the battlestars from the outside, something he rarely got the chance to do. Specifically his own. The distinctive shark teeth and eyes on her prow gave his vessel a proud lineage that traced back to the original Cerberus - the ship he had earned his wings on. As they orbited the shipyard, the newer vessel pressed in to dominate attention like the child it was. The name illuminated on it's hull made it the first in a lineage that traced back far as Cerberus' own.


"Really should get going. We gotta beat Bill back to Caprica for the ceremony."

"Yeah, and I got a to-do list a klick long. We got more projects on deck now than any other time in Wolf's history and every single one has issues that require my personal attention."

Bale laughed. "One crisis after the next."

"It was an unknown unknown!"


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