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 Post subject: Coming Soon - Intrepid Anthology #1
PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 3:22 pm 
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Seven and a half years before the storm
Picon Fleet Headquarters

(Originally appeared as a dream sequence in Libra Episode #22)

The two friends sat in a huge office. The balcony doors were open, allowing in the smell of the sea. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon in the summer. Most of the staff had left for the weekend.

“So, this is what you want, my friend?” the admiral asked. “The fleet can’t afford to lose you to retirement. Hell, you’re one of the more senior admirals in the fleet.”

The grey haired man smiled “We both know I miss command, although I am always thankful for this time here serving with you. I need to stand in the middle of a CIC again. Desk jockeying is not the life for me.”

The man then paused and looked Admiral "I'm glad Fleet Command offered me the chance to get back into space. Thank you for the good words you put in."

“Anytime...lets have drink, buddy.”

The two men walked back into the office. Generally, the Admiral’s aide made the drinks, but this time was different. This was in some ways a celebration tinged with sadness. They had served the colonial navy together for many years. Even when the two men we in different places, they stayed in touch.

They sat at the Admiral’s desk across from each other. They chatted about old times, the old ships. On the walls were pictures of them fishing and deer hunting on Caprica, Picon and Aerelon. Photos of family outings, the ships they served on. There was more than just a military connection here.

They are best friends. Their children grew up together. Their wives talked them into going on the same shopping trips. And now they would be going different way, at least professionally.

“So, the government approved construction of eight new battlestars. Glad they got off their asses and approved the budget.” Admiral Nagala smiled.

“Greene couldn't filibuster forever. Getting the one that will be built in the Caprica Shipyards is convenient as well.”

“It allows you to be closer to your family…I can understand that. Heck, you have a good piece of land out in the country.”

“Yes, and you know when deer season is and where the key to the liquor cabinet is.” smiled the man.

“Yes, I do and I can make the four hour drive from Caprica City blindfolded…well nearly.” Both men laughed.

Admiral Nagala opened the computer file for the ship. “The ship is slated to flag the reconstituted BSG 87. Nice to see they are bringing that BSG number out of retirement. Lets see if I can find the name of that ship.”

The man wearing admiral pins went by the name of Thomas Jacobs. As he sat across from Senior Admiral Nagala, he smiled. “Her name is Intrepid…

Coming in June - Intrepid Anthology #1:
In The Beginning

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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