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 Post subject: Episode 34: All This Has Happened Before
PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:10 pm 
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Previously, on Battlestar Libra...

Battlestar Libra
Day 254 Time 0900
Main Conference Room

“Air Patrol two-three, I have you on final approach.”

“Roger, control, on approach runway niner-four.”

Trap stopped the broadcast, and with barely concealed excitement said, “Sirs, these are people from the Colonies!”

"How? How did they get here?" President Meyers said in shock. "This is...amazing!"

Battlestar Libra War Room / Oasis
Day 255 Time 0700
(Goldwolf / JDCTexas)

Colonel Wilson looked over to the President, "I think he's trying to figure out if we are real or some bored pranksters, sir."

"I would be too if I hadn't heard anyone from the Colonies in 50 years. Lets give them a few more minutes, Colonel. Just keep doing what you are doing."

Less than a minute later, Joe put the headsets back on. "Colonel Wilson," he said, "it's currently 0710, local time. We can meet with your team at 0930 at our airfield... I am assuming you know where that is. I'd ask that you bring no more than five representatives, and of course a reasonable number of security personnel. Be advised I will also have my security people on the ground."

The President nodded his head and motioned for Col. Wilson to reply. "Understood Commander McCloud. A delegation will meet you at that time. We will monitor this frequency, should you need to hail us."

"Thank you, sir," McCloud replied, and cut the connection. He looked over at Harry. "Get a message to Ms Adrastos... I will be waiting for her at her office in ten minutes."

Oasis City
Day 255 1705 Hrs

She spoke again in Iri’shèè. “Have you brought war to us here?” she demanded.

His reply was darkly fervent; a prayer. “By Aten, I hope not.”

Oasis Airfield

Commander Guynes looked across the groups and saw the surprised looks on everyone's faces. The looks on the 'locals' faces...the look of near shock shouted to him. Old model Cylons...pre-sentient Cylons here? I've only seen one in a history book...oh frak!

"Major Duncan, stand your Marines down," William said quickly. "Madame Solon, I apologize if our reactions seem puzzling...but there is a reason for it. Can we please go somewhere to talk in private?"

Oasis Airfield Hangar, Training Room

You will pardon my bluntness, Commander Guynes," the Solon stated with a polite smile that did not reach her eyes, "but I must ask who are you and what brings you here."

You have no idea of the threat, Madame Solon...but I've been ordered to let the diplomats tell you that. Greene will love this...person. Cmdr. Guynes sat straight and locked eyes with the Osasian leader.

"We are here because we heard the broadcasts coming from this planet a day ago, Madame Solon." William said in a friendly tone. "We come with only peaceful intent and desire diplomatic relations."

"Indeed so, Madame Solon, and Heptumvirate, " Captain Don Gibbs said amiably, being sure to pronounce that last word as she had earlier. "As I said before, I am a civilian, Don Gibbs, captain of a luxury liner. I admit I have never been to an unknown inhabited world before. It is my honor to be part of this grand meeting."

Amynta smiled tightly at the captain's words, but turned to address the Commander again. "So you 'come in peace,' Commander Guynes?" There was no mistaking the sarcastic lilt in her voice. "As a child I read many a science fiction book, and mayhem usually followed those fateful words. But this is not fiction, is it? We are flesh and blood, children of Kobol all of us. And I ask again, what brings the President of the Twelve Colonies, with an entourage of warships," she glanced at captain Gibbs with a raised eyebrow, "and luxury liners, to this remote corner of the Universe?"

Battlestar Libra
Day 254 Time 0800
Sergeant Trevor Roberts

Razor sensed Roberts indecision, and leaned back in her chair. “Close the hatch, Roberts, and have a seat,” she said calmly.

Well, that settles that. “Yes, Gunnery Sergeant,” he nodded, doing as she said.

“So what’s on your mind?” she asked once he’d sat.

“Tom Cody, sir,” Roberts said.

She gave a short nod. “Yes, he was a Marine sniper, before, and did security on the Catalina here in the fleet.” She regarded the Sergeant, waiting.

“I knew him from when we were stationed on Sagittaron together, sir,” Roberts explained. “I dunno what files you have on him, but he was, ah, well, he kinda had a problem with his mouth.”

Razorski raised an impassive eyebrow.

“He was ace at his job, Gunnery Sergeant, but he didn’t always get along with the higher ups,” Roberts went on to explain. “And he spoke his mind, that’s for sure.”

She nodded. “Thank you, Sergeant, that’s good to know.”

“Also,” Roberts said, and paused. “He’s… he was a champ at bare-knuckle fighting. He used to rake in the cubits on wagers. I dunno if he's still doing it...”

“Oh, really,” there was a hint of interest in the Gunnery Sergeant’s voice. Her lips twitched and she asked, “Did you win or lose, Roberts?”

“Oh, I knew who to bet on, sir,” Roberts said innocently. “Won me a packet!”

Day 255

The hatch to the raptor opened, first off were two armed, suited figures--Renatta Vernon's security detail, Agents Mark Oliver and Lauren Moore. Following shortly thereafter was a blur of energy, bounding down the ramp with no concern to the two bodyguards.

"Dad!" said Katharine, making a beeline to where Garris was standing. "This is... Wow." she looked around at the planet, even long after dark, unable to muster any further words in her shock.

"Welcome to Oasis, pumpkin," Garris smiled, his arms spread wide to embrace his only child.

One arm still wrapped around his daughter, Garris hurried to help his wife with the bags. "Here, let me help, love."

"Thanks." said Renatta, forking over one of the hefty cases. "Careful, it has all my sample cases...."

The Attorney General took it from her, sliding close to steal a quick peck. "This planet is officially paradise, now that my two loves are here."

"So how long were you in on this?" said Katharine, with the efficiency and lack of grace that can only be produced by teenagers.

"Not long, honey. Just a few hours before we flew down, actually," he replied nonplussed. "It was as much of a surprise to me as it was for you."

"I don't suppose there's any talk of us getting to stay here...."

"Would you want to?" He could not hide his surprise. I know living on a ship has been difficult, but... I never thought about... Then again, we've only known about this place for a day...

"In the end, it will be whatever the President decides. I don't really have much choice, and neither do you, unless we plan on resigning." said Renatta with a laugh. "But... If the option were on the table, and he chose to stay? Yes, yes I would be happy. A real sky, real dirt under my feet."

Garris raised his hand to his neck and looked down, momentarily taken aback. "But... what would you want, Rennie? Forget about Meyers, forget about the fleet. Given the choice, would you stay?"

"Yes. And no." she clenched her hands at her side. "Yes, yes I would stay. Except for that little voice in the back of my head that says... they will find this place, someday."

He stared out, without actually seeing anything. "There are no guarantees, Rennie. They could just as well finish us off in space... I could slip in the shower and break my neck. We only have here and now. Anything else is... hope and mirages."

"I always believed we'd have forever." said Renatta, "Until the day we suddenly didn't. And even now... I can't quite get past that feeling, that we could... If only we could find the right door to open. Maybe this is the right door, Garris." she continued, looking into his eyes as they stopped outside the entrance to their rooms, but the door and key she spoke of were of an entirely different nature, "But I'm no wordsmith, I don't have the key to open it..."

He kissed her brow tenderly. "I thought we had forever, too, love. And maybe we do." He took her face in his big hands and lowered his so their foreheads touched. "I just know I'd rather have an instant with you, than an eternity without you."

Oasis City
Day 256 0745 Hrs

He put his arms around her, resting his cheek against her dark hair. "I'm glad they let you come down here," he murmured. "It wasn't... totally real, for me, until you could see it, too. Did you hear about some of the animals they have here? There's dragons! I saw one this morning when I was out running." He paused, recalling it, then added hastily, "It was flying far away, and the Oasians' air patrol is always on the lookout for them."

Her head jerked up, bumping against his chin. "Dragons? What do you mean, dragons? You're frakking with me, aren't you?"

He chuckled. "I just finished frakking with you," he said. "And I mean... well, dragons. Big winged flying things with teeth and claws. That's why they have the air patrol here. You saw the .50 cals on their planes--to take down the dragons. From what McCloud tells me, those things kill their cattle, and can fly off with a calf."

"And a very nice frak it was," she replied saucily as she squirmed even closer. "But, dragons? Not the fire-breathing kind, I hope? I mean, big flying predators is one thing, but mythical beasts is quite another... Next you'll tell me there are griffins around. Or cyclops!"

"No fire breathing," he caressed his hand down her back and over her ass, starting to get warm again. He kissed her forehead, then her temple, then her lips, softly. "What time is it?" he asked. "I have to take McCloud up to the Libra at nine..."

Day 254

"Very well, I will call emergency closed-door session for 2 a.m." Greene paused, as if in thought for a moment. "There is an entirely different subject that I'd like to bring to your attention...not related to any of this Madame Vice President."


"We are still three justices short of a full, five person Supreme Court. A person has come to my attention that could be a good candidate. This person has worked in the fleet as an attorney and has an excellent reputation. This person is interested in the position, but they need to discuss it with their... significant others." Greene slightly smiled, "If this person becomes fully interested, I'd like to present them to you and President Meyers for nomination. I think this person would be a valuable legal asset to us all."

"I see." said Liza, "And this interested party would be?"

"At this time, the person has respectfully asked me to withhold their name. They don't want to be hounded possibly by the press should they or should they not go through the entire vetting process."

Catalina - Shepherd Jason Wodehouse's office
Day 263

Armas sat in thought for a moment... then the idea struck like lightning. He excitedly looked at the Wodehouses, "Shepherd, when you do come to the planet, how do you feel about working with our Associate Shepherds? Helping them along a bit while you are here?"

"I'd be honored, Dr. Lyisti. We could, if you wish, have one or more workshops..." Shepherd Wodehouse stated, warming up to the idea. "It would be a wonderful opportunity. I must confess I miss conferring with other Shepherds, sharing ideas and initiatives on the ministry..."

A broad smile came across Dr. Lyisti's face as he looked at everyone, "I will see that all of you are taken care of while down on the planet. This is a blessing, indeed!"

Oasis City Government Building
Day 255 1605 Hrs

The diplomatic delegation from Libra's fleet walked up the steps of the government building, pausing on the broad portico. As the representatives of the Libra fleet reached the top, Tim McCready stepped forward and met the gaze of the older woman... and held out his hand.

"Greeting, my name is Tim McCready, Provost to the Heptumvirate and Representative of the Farmers and Ranchers. It is good to meet you."

"Likewise, it is an honor." said Eleni, taking the offered hand and giving it a firm, measured shake, with nods to McCready's companions as well. "Eleni Kyriake, Secretary of State." She turned to indicate Liza. "Vice President Liza Liala."

"Pleasure to meet you." said Liza, fidgeting slightly and shaking McCready's hand.

The term 'Vice President' was supposedly used by the Capricans, if I remember right. Capricans running things... figures, thought McCready. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Vice President."

Eleni shook the hand of each member of the Heptiumvirate as they were introduced, then indicated the final two members of her own party. "Representative Patrick Greene and Representative Grover Baccus, both of the Quorum of Twelve, the upper house of our legislative branch."

"The Solon is waiting for us." Tim McCready looked towards the open door. "...and welcome to our humble Oasis in the universe."

Oasis City
Training Billets
Day 256 0240 Hrs

They stood without speaking for awhile, listening to the sounds of the sleeping city, and finally she asked, “Would you stay, if they let us?”

“Yes,” he replied right away; then, more slowly, “No…” He looked up at the stars. “I’m tired, Ski,” he said, so softly she had to strain to hear him. “Weary of killing, weary of death.” He fell silent, then turned his head to look at the tall blonde Marine. “You must be tired of it, also.”

She nodded. “Yes... I’m afraid that this is too good to be true, though,” she murmured, looking around. “And… I was raised to be a Marine.”

Duncan sighed softly. “I was raised as a warrior,” he replied, “but still… maybe because of that… I wish for peace.”

Cylon Baseship
Cylon Pursuit Fleet
Day 263

Cavil smiled, a sinister, savage, smile. “Cepha has been given a task and since we must all be in agreement before undertaking something as intricate as removing a fellow cylon from command, we must give him enough rope to hang himself. The five’s and the three’s will back us. The two’s might waver.”

“What of the sixes and the eights?” 'Samuel' One asked

“They’ll soon learn the folly of their ways…”

Battlestar Taurus - Special Holding Cell #2
Day 254

Three laid down and glared at the ceiling camera as the main door closed to her cell. She kept mouthing the same words over and over.

'One day Captain Neuman, I will kill you...'

Oasis Heptumvirate Chamber
Day 255 1705 Hrs

“Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you here today,” Rodrigues began. He looked around the room at the assembled members of the Oasian council and the members of the fleet. “The past nine months have been a very trying time to the members of our fleet. With that in mind I want to personally thank you for allowing us to land and speak with you.”

“As a species mankind was, at one time, on the top of the food chain. We saw ourselves as the masters of all we did. We explored the farthest reaches of the colonies and when they weren’t a challenge any longer we moved off to conquer space. As we relished in our superior beliefs we decided to play god. Man created life, a life that would ultimately cause our downfall. We created robotic life we called Cylons, to do work which we found unpleasant. This included everything from farming to mining. Later on we would adapt them to serve as soldiers in our petty civil wars.”

“Such was the extent to which we had invested our military power in the Cylons we created that when they chose to rebel against us, their masters, we were so well matched the cylons achieved a resounding set of victories. With their mastery of Colonial technology, the Cylons were able to infiltrate nearly all networked devices we had spent a century to develop. As a result, we were forced to abandon networked computers and wireless devices in favor of more secure and durable technologies. It was imperative that these archaic ways were able to withstand both Cylon infiltration and the powerful nuclear weapons used by them.”

“We refused to give up and embraced this return to the old technology not because it was easier, but because we were fighting for our very survival. In response to the great threat posed by the Cylons, the Twelve Colonies finally formed a unified federal Government for the first time, at the beginning of the war. Despite the unification, however, the Colonies were being beaten back at every turn. In our darkest hour, the Cylon War came very close to wiping us from the universe. We thought it would all be over but right then we received word that the Armistice had been signed. The Cylons left immediately to find their own home."

“Then they returned… and laid waste to the colonies. The attack resulted in the nuclear bombardment and occupation of the Colonies.”

Rodrigues stood silently for a few moments to allow his words to sink in. "Ever since the day of the holocaust we have been on the run," he reiterated. "A population of billions has been reduced to less than twenty thousand souls. The Cylons had no mercy despite the government's willingness to surrender. Reconnaisance missions sent showed cities completely wiped out. What few people survived were subjected to massive doses of radiation. It is doubtful anyone has survived there."

"Now the colonies are occupied by the Cylons as an invading army. First hand knowledge of these walking computers has proven they will not show any mercy, any compassion, or any remorse."

He lowered his head and squeezed his eyes shut. After a long pause he spoke to the assembled dignitaries in a hushed voice. "Ladies and gentlemen, the Cylons will continue to hunt us until we are all dead. If you are human you are now prey. Thank you."

0700 hrs CUT
Special Holding Cell
Battlestar Taurus

As the Admiral, rose Carilyn reached out her hand timidly in order to get his attention. “Please Admiral, Cepha is a driven cylon. He won’t rest until he gets his revenge.”

Nodding Rodrigues turned and left the cell, followed by Guynes and Storm. The three stood there with the other men who had accompanied Rodrigues from the Libra.

Guynes looked at his commander, “Do you think she’s telling the truth Admiral?”

Zayne spoke, looking directly at Rodrigues. “She is,” he slowly shook his head. We can say that from a first person perspective. What she told us was tame compared to what we saw.”

“What are we going to do then,” Storm asked.

Rodrigues looked at them all, the anger boiling up within him yet again. “We’re not going to lie down and die. If Cepha wants to get revenge I can guarantee I’ll shove it up his chrome plated ass.”

PG 402 - 'A' Deck Hallway
Day 256

"Sir, I think someone has taken over this ship--" said Chara, taking a few panicked fast, shallow breaths before managing to continue. "--there was an announcement made about ten minutes ago saying we had been authorized to land by the locals. I hadn't heard anything about that, so I went to go speak to Captain Yearwood and a maintenance man was guarding the hallway, wouldn't let me in. When I pressed the issue he said he had 'plenty of trouble' for me, and when I called out for the captain he lunged for me, I got away from him and locked myself in my cabin."

"Keep your door locked and don't let anyone in." Meyers said, "Any idea who is doing this? This is not something Capt. Yearwood would do."

"The landing announcement came from Phillip Rice, the XO. He's got to be in on it, and the man guarding the hall was one of the crew too. Looks like a mutiny. Based on the announcement to the passengers, they intend to land this ship on the planet, and soon. I don't know if the passengers are in on it or not."

"Well stay put and..."the connection became full of static and then was lost. A faint glow from the window could be seen. PG 402 had started its decent into the atmosphere.

Oasis, McCready Ranch
Day 256 1300 Hrs

He followed her back into the barn, where Bart was stacking hay bales. The old Cylon obeyed when Theron had him sit on a hay bale, then the boy laid out the sheets of tech data and took some tools from his toolbox. Deftly he removed the maintenance panel on the robot's back, just below its neck, and studied the wires and circuit boards there.

"The voice board is this," he decided, showing Ashley, then indicated it on the diagram.

"Do we need to put him into maintenance mode first?"

"No... at least, I don't think so," Theron replied. He thought a moment, then shook his head. "Not for this--I'm not going to touch any of the power systems. And anyway, I want to check and see if it works while I still have it open."

Gently, Theron disconnected the circuit board, bringing it out and examining it closely. He took a meter from his toolbox, hooking up the leads and checking the readouts. He gave a shrug and said, "Well, according to the data, this is okay."

He next looked at the wires that had been connected to the board. The protective coating on the wires was old, and showed signs of flaking, but seemed to be intact. "It could just be a random short," Theron sighed, and gently pulled on the connectors at the ends of the wires. "Huh... I think this one is loose." He showed it to Ashley.

"Looks to be...can it be tightened up?"

He nodded. "Oh, yeah, I'll just snip it off and reattach it," he said, doing just that.

Before he hooked the voice board up again, he traced the paths of the wires inside the Cylon's upper back, muttering, "This is great stuff..." With care, he made sure that all the boards and wires still in place were firmly connected, then he hooked up the voice board and re-inserted it into the clips.

Theron shrugged, and before he closed the maintenance panel, he said, "Bart, say something."

For a moment, the whirling eye of the Cylon stopped. Ashley held her breath...then the eye started to move again. He looked at Theron and then around the room. There was a scratchy, static-filled noise from the Cylon, but it could be understood:

"By your command..."

McCready Farm
Day 257

The sun was still a few hours from coming up as the first light came on at the the house. Generally, this is something that would go unnoticed by most on the outside.

Today was different. Today in many respects for one on the McCready farm.

0433...System checks complete. All systems nominal. Bart stood up from the old car seat when he had spent his night in 'sleep' mode. As his red eye moved, he looked out the window in time to see a bathroom light turn on in the house. He watched for a few moments and then made his way to the barn door.

As he reached for the handle. Bart stopped and slowly raised his hand to his face. He examined the scratches that had developed over time.

0435. All systems nominal. Execute order to feed cows. The command popped up in his viewer, but he just stood there until a new message came up.

0436. Execute order to feed cows.

0437. Execute order to feed cows.

0438. Execute order to feed cows.

0439. Execute order to feed cows.

0440. Execute order to feed cows. What am I...Am I alive?

Bart slowly lowered his hand and left the mechanical barn to feed the cattle in the North Field.

Battlestar Taurus
Day 257

Slowly the lights came on. Commander Guynes stood up and looked across the room. “In the last 257 days, this is what the Cylons have done to us. They show no emotion, only determination. The Admiral and I thought that you should see this.”

President Meyers quickly stood, “Questions? Thoughts?”

The entire Oasian delegation sat in shock from what they had seen. Provost Tim McCready looked at the people in his group and shook his head no. Meyers looked at McCready and then back to Guynes.

"Anything else, Commander?"

"Mr. President, Provost and guests...this presentation was put together to give you an idea of what our lives have been like. War is savage and our enemy has only one goal in mind: Humanity's destruction. The Admiral and I have some advice that we would like to share."

Tim McCready looked at Guynes, "And that is?"

"Turn off your Cylons and if you have anything newer than the version Fours, destroy them...don't let your fate be the same as ours."

Day 257

"What was he THINKING--" said Eleni to Garris. "Get drunk, steal a car, drive it along without a local license, and then run over a Cylon. And he's a Marine Corporal, no less...."

The lawyer shook his head. "Testoterone, booze and liberty after a long period of stress. Never a good combination, Eleni. You must know that. You were in he State Department..."

"Yes, I know about booze and liberty and testosterone. But I also know that we have no godsdamn status of forces agreement with these people! So if he thinks I can get him out of this..." her sentence cut off into a bitter laugh. "If he's going to get out of this one, Garris, it's more likely to be you that gets him out of it in a local courtroom, not me getting him out of it by managing to bypass it..."

"You give me too much credit, Eleni," Garris smiled ruefully. "I checked the report. It's as close to iron-clad as I've ever seen. The boy actually boasted about "taking down" the Cylon. My guess is local laws are modeled after the Colonies', so he's looking at grand theft auto, wilfull and malicious destruction of property, driving under the influence... The best we can hope for, IF the judge is lenient, is a hefty fine, retribution and a suspended sentence. But I've a feeling they may want to make an example of him..."

Day 257
Solon's Residence

"I assure you, Madame Solon," said Eleni, "If Corporal Jones is turned over to us, that in addition to his prosecution to the full extent of military and Colonial law as specified by Attorney General Vernon, our government is prepared to discuss possible restitution for this incident."

"Discuss restitution?" the Solon asked dryly. "I assure you, Madame Secretary, that someone will have to pay for the destruction your Mr. Jones has wrought. Your government or Mr. Jones himself. But that has little to do with the fact that he committed his crimes here and we should exact punishment."

"Madame Solon." Eleni said, with sudden steel in her eyes. "Given the nature of this situation and the possible impact to both our governments, we are requesting this situation be brought before the Heptumvirate as a whole for discussion, at the earliest possible opportunity."

"Unlike your Presidency with its concentration of power, Madame Secretary, our government is a true democracy," the Solon replied, her tone frigid. "You do not need my permission to bring a matter before the Heptumvirate. Any citizen can do so. Ahh, but I forget, you are not a citizen of Oasis. And neither is your delightful Mr. Jones. You are here are our... guests, are you not?" She leaned forward, her eyes blazing with fury and frustration, even if her tone remained coldly neutral. She considered asking them to leave, but that would only weaken her position, as they could probably just get another member to call the meeting. "Very well, I shall call a meeting of the Heptumvirate to discuss the matter. Two days from now. Be prepared to present alternatives."

DDE Bellerophon - Conference Room
Day 259

"How long until the program is ready?" Capt. Mejia asked.

"Well, I'll have it compiled and can test run it in two days. After that, I'd need to install it into the software suite that runs the ship." Chavez paused, "I can have it full ready in four days, five at most...Gods and Cylons willing, of course."

"Make sure you make a backup copy of our software before you do," Cole smiled, knowing that Chavez wouldn't need a reminder like that. "I don't exactly look forward to explaining the Admiral about us wrecking one of his last remaining warships..."

Day 259

"....Then comes the second phase - sentencing," the prosecutor explained. "Should Cpl. Jones be found guilty under Oasis law of all or some of the crimes he's accused of, where would he serve his sentence?" Britt Mansfield posed to the Heptumvirate. "Normally, he would be incarcerated here. However, there's the fact that Cpl. Jones is not a citizen of Oasis, and the Colonials," she glanced at Garris Vernon, "will be here for a limited period of time. What, then, will happen with Cpl. Jones? Would he stay here? I think not. On this point, our office recommends that when the Colonials leave, Cpl. Jones should be released unto Colonial custody, to serve the rest of his sentence."

Garris Vernon rose from his chair. "Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Heptumvirate," he said, addressing each and every member of the assembly. "Ms. Mansfield has done a sterling job of summarizing the alternatives before you. As we have discussed at length with the Prosecutor's Office, we understand that the best interests of both our governments would be served by allowing us - the Colonial military and civil government - sole jurisdiction to prosecute and discipline Cpl. Jones. We understand, however, the need to enforce local laws and regulations. In that regard, while I am confident that the Heptumvirate will agree to allow us to handle Cpl. Jones' alleged transgressions, should your decision be to prosecute him locally, I would recommend to my government that he be tried under Colonial law, too. If convicted, he would serve both sentences concurrently, at a Colonial military prison."

The Solon looked from one Colonial to the other, Attorney General to Secretary of State. It rankled that they had manipulated the Heptumvirate so adroitly. But, in the end, Oasis would prosecute Cpl Jones, and he would serve his sentence in Oasis for however long the Colonials stayed, which she hoped was a very short time indeed. And when they left, they'd take their garbage with them. All in all, a very satisfying result. And that was what mattered.

Oasis airfield, warehouse
Day 260 0817 Hrs

McCloud watched as Duncan surveyed the floor, and knew in an instant what he was thinking. “Could be cylons stored here by the pioneers,” he murmured quietly over the ‘net.

Duncan’s nod confirmed his thoughts. Crouching, he slowly put the barrel of his rifle and one eye around the corner down the cross-passage. He looked for the space of one heartbeat, then just as slowly withdrew back around the corner. In a few clipped sentences, he relayed to McCloud what he’d seen: the cross-passage, more human footprints, and at the end of the passage, a large, empty crate.

The Marine didn’t need to tell McCloud what to do. Duncan headed down the cross-passage at a crouched half-run, McCloud a couple meters behind and on the opposite side of the passage.

Without pausing, at the end of the passage, Duncan turned toward the sound, his forefinger gentle on the trigger of his assault rifle. McCloud stepped into the aisle behind him, his handgun ready.

Facing them, two abreast, were twelve cylon robots, motionless, their red eyes moving in unison, the collective Vvvvhhhrrrmmm—vvvvhhhrrmmm synchronized.

Major Scott Duncan froze. Behind him and to one side, Commander Joe McCloud was just as motionless.

The lead cylon spoke.

“By your command.”

Oasis, CivDef HQ
Day 260 2055 Hrs

From: President Meyers
To: Admiral Benito Rodrigues, Vice President Liala
Subject: Oasis Cylons and Secret Presidential Order #1

I have come to a decision that we must be prepared for any possible action while trying to respect the sovereignty of the Oasis people. Our people are on the planet and we must be ready to protect them. I have struggled on how to do this since we learned of the 0005's on Oasis.

To this end, I have issued my first, and I pray last secret order:

Presidential Secret Order #1 - Oasis Cylons
Day 260 after the Exodus

1. The military is authorized to take steps it deems necessary to defend fleet citizens and property in the Fleet Landing and Trading Zone. The military is authorized to enforce the public order I issued on this date concerning Oasis Cylons.

2. Furthermore, should it become apparent the Cylons are immediately endangering the lives of humans on the planet (Colonial citizens or Oasians), I authorize the Colonial Military to intervene to save human lives without consultation of this office or the Oasisian government. I will take full responsibility for any actions taken to save lives.

3. The use of destructive and / or deadly force to save human life and property is hereby authorized.

4. This order will be terminated upon the fleet's departure from Oasis.

President Andy Meyers
President of the Twelve Colonies

“As I said, the President - by way of this secret order - has placed himself into a position he will not be able to get out of if anything goes wrong,” Rodrigues said after a few moments of watching his people quickly plan. “In this situation I am altering his order.” Waiting only a moment for a reaction he knew he wouldn’t get, Rodrigues continued.

“The fleet cannot survive without capable civilian leadership. On those same lines military commanders are a proverbial dime a dozen. If you are ever asked who gave this order, people, it is to stop with me. You are to inform your people as well. The President will have no culpability in this situation if it goes wrong.” Rodrigues took a big breath. “As far as everyone is concerned from here on out, the decision to use military force is my decision to make. Are we clear?”

Day 262
Destroyer Escort Bellerophon, docked with Tauranian Titan,
near the Asteroid belt, Oasis System

(Raider X and JDCTexas)

"Ready to start the simulation, Ensign?"

Ensign Ernest Chavez looked up from the FTL station, "I show all required systems in sim mode, Colonel...we're ready."

Eric Mejia smiled at the Colonel, "Weapons control systems concur. We're go on your command."

Col. Cole shook his head in agreement, "Excellent. We're starting in three, two, one, now!"

"Lt. Nyberg, Navigation...execute Simulation One." Capt. Mejia said. Within moments, of the command, three KEWs turned and used their laser targeting systems to get a measurement for a distant asteroid. The navigation computer accepted the coordinates from the combat computer and waited for the turn of the jump key.

"Targets positional data has been acquired, ready for simulated jump," Malachi Nyberg reported. Like everyone in the CIC right now, the Lieutenant was excited about the prospects of this maneuver. If the Colonel and the Captain got this to work...back on the Colonies, they'd all be awarded medals for it, but Nyberg wasn't too sure about what the Admiral would say. There were risks involved...

Eric looked over at Nyberg and the navigator, "Execute simulated jump in 3...2...1...execute."

With the turning of the key, the jump was simulated. Within moments, the final result was on the DRADIS for all in the CIC to view. If this were a real jump, Bellerophon would have been a half a mile inside the asteroid.

Oasis TV - Brooke interviews...
Day 262

"...thanks, Jay. Originally, I was going to tell you about several people in the fleet and how they have managed to live and survive on the run from an enemy who wants to do nothing but kill them. Then, I met someone with such a powerful story...well, it had to be shared. Imagine being a young woman, just entering adulthood and with your life in front of you...a scholarship to a major university, a loving family and possibility of going far in life."

"Her name is Carrie Franklin...a 17-year old survivor from Leonis now living on the ship the Astral Dawn..."

Day 263

Frak. thought Renatta Vernon, as her fingers frantically scraped the inside of case again, and again after that. But there was no denying it: The last of the money the Colonial government had been able to scrounge up to purchase supplies for the fleet with was gone.

The Oasian merchant just stood there, a puzzled look on his face as he continued to await his payment.

"Look, lady, I don't have all day--"

Our relationship with the local government--and the local populace--already hangs by a thread, if what Garris says is true, thought Renatta in a state of increasing panic. She could try and call for more money, but she knew already that that had been all that was available, the entire treasury of their fledgling government laid out to the endless line of local merchants, and now spent before it had served it's purpose.

Slowly, Renatta's hands reached up and unclasped the saltwater pearls that hung down from her neck in an elegant strand, then reached up to her ears and removed the matching earrings. Finally, she pulled off the bracelet, as well, and held them all out to the Oasian electronics dealer, pressing them into his hand with a solemn expression on her face.

"Paid in full." said the fleet's Secretary of Resources, scrawling her signature on the invoice before walking back towards the shuttles.

Day 264
Destroyer Escort Bellerophon, docked with Tauranian Titan,
near the Asteroid belt, Oasis System

(RaiderX and JDCTexas)

Captain Eric Mejia looked across the command table at Col. Cole, "If this doesn't work, you could always demote me and Chavez down to toilet cleaners."

The Colonel grinned at the thought. "I guess I could...when the 'old man's finished with me, I'd at least find myself cleaning the toilets in good company that way..."

Mejia jokingly smiled, "Ah...misery loves company, eh sir?"

Hept. Meeting Chambers
Day 265

McCready looked at the Colonials with a slight smile, "See? They both should have attacked me because I ordered them to. We are in control."

The Provost turned and took a couple of steps towards Bart. "Nothing but dumb service droids. How can they be capable..."

It was at that moment, Bart's superior Cylon reactions struck. In a sudden flash of movement, he grabbed a letter opener from the table where the Colonials sat... and drove it through the side of his master's neck. In a moment of rage, Bart pierced the voice box and carotid artery of the Provost.

Government Hall / Courtyard
Day 265

"I'm hearing my old Gunnery Sargent in the back of my head." Cody said as he raised his gun, ready to fire if the 0005s advanced. "We're violating the first rule of being a sniper."

Razorski snorted, and McCloud gave the Corporal a quick glance.

"Never get caught out in the open...unless you like being an easy target! May I suggest we fall back to some cover?"

Gunnery Sergeant Razorski reached into the side cargo pocket of her uniform pants with her left hand and took out two magazines for her pistol. "They're not armed... yet..." A very slight smile played over her lips. "Fish in a barrel, Cody. Fish in a barrel."

She raised the pistol, aiming.

The humans faced the advancing combat centurions; between them, wisps of smoke rose from the destroyed 0004 cylon.

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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Battlestar Libra CIC
Day 265 1356 Hours

Chief of the Deck Alexa MacLean paused in the entrance to the CIC, thinking I wish I could have gotten a hold of Ed... I hate bothering the Colonel. Then she spotted Colonel Wilson. At his nod, she went over to him, a large rolled up sheet of paper in her hand.

"Sir," she said, "I've been working on some mods to our Cobra, but I'm sorta stuck. Could you help me out?"

"Sure, Mac." Wilson said with a smile. "It's been a slow day in CIC. Roll out what you have on the table."

Mac unrolled the sheet, anchoring one corner with the small model of the Libra on the chart table, and another corner with a short piece of extrusion she pulled from her pocket. "It's here, sir," she pointed. "We're getting a lot of metal stress and failure just under the wing mounts, from the atmosphere flights the Cobras do. I need to beef up this area," she tapped the schematic of the ship with her finger, "but we'll need to re-route the electronics to the weapons mounts on the wing... and I'll be damned if I can figure out how."

Dean took a long look at the schematics and then placed his finger down "If I remember right, there is a shielded electric conduit here... and if memory serves me correct, there is enough room to run another..."

Capt. Hastings had taken a call from the ground. He got Wilson's attention from across the CIC. "Colonel, I have Sergeant Razorski on Priority Channel One... you need to take this, sir."

Dean looked at Hastings and could tell something was wrong. He quickly picked up the handset, "Sergeant, this is Colonel Wilson... sitrep."

["Sir, the 0005s have activated in combat mode. We are currently containing the situation in the city center. Scope of the situation is currently unknown. Please stand by for further information."] the reply was short and to the point and Wilson took that as a signal that Razorski was busy dealing with the situation at hand and directing her people to their assigned locations.

Frak me running... never say it's a 'quiet day' ever again! "Standing by Gunny." Wilson looked across the CIC. "Get the Admiral in here immediately Captain," he turned back to the table. "Mac... things maybe getting a little dicey here. Go get your folks ready."

Mac nodded calmly, grabbing the schematic sheet and heading back to the hangar deck at a run.


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Rodrigues entered the darkened room off of the Intelligence section to find several communications specialists seated behind a bank of computers. Wearing headsets they intently listened in on a multitude of audio signals the sensor arrays had intercepted.

As he stood there watching, the officer of the watch stood and opened his mouth as he prepared to call the room to attention. Rodrigues held up his hand. “As you were Lieutenant, what have you got for me?”

Lieutenant Brentwell smiled and led Rodrigues over to a small alcove where a lone console sat. He picked up a clipboard and looked at it for a few moments. “The data drives were in pretty bad shape Admiral, however we did get quite a bit of information.”

Rodrigues eyed him expectantly, “What did you learn.”

“The shuttle wasn’t originally supposed to be here. Their original destination was supposed to take them toward the colonies.”

Rodrigues rubbed the stubble forming on his chin. “I take it they picked up on the planetary signal traffic?”

Brentwell nodded enthusiastically. “According to the ship’s logs they began receiving transmissions as soon as they entered the system. As they began to make planetfall the engines cut out and they lost control. It appears that they couldn’t recover in time.”

“Was there any information on the Cortina?

Brentwell exhaled slowly. “We were only able to track the shuttle partway sir. After that the data became too corrupted. However from what we could determine this shuttle was the last one to launch.”

“What makes you say that?”

Before Brentwell could reply the intercom came alive, [Admiral from CIC urgent].

Rodrigues walked over to the wall and grabbed the handset. Within a few short moments he was connected to the CIC.

[Admiral you are needed in CIC right away, we just received a transmission from the surface. Gunnery Sergeant Razorski’s advising the Model 0005’s are activated and attacking] the voice of Captain Hastings could be heard as clearly as if he were standing in the room.

“Do we have any reports on casualties?” Rodrigues said, the feeling of dread creeping up on him as it had done many times in the past.

[Nothing yet sir, Razorski’s report was a preliminary one. She was merely advising us of what was happening.]

“Send a reply to her advising we are staging more troops in case she or Major Duncan calls for them. Set Condition One and have the alert fighters prep for action. I’m on my way to CIC now.” Rodrigues slapped the receiver back on the cradle and turned to the hatch. “We’ll have to continue this conversation later Lieutenant. We have a situation brewing.”


"Yes sir!" Capt. Hastings said in a calm tone to the Admiral on the other end. He then hit the reset button on his handset and pushed another button. The klaxons came to life and the lights in the CIC turned red, "Action stations, actions stations, set Condition One throughout the ship. This is not a drill..."

Oasis City, government building

Razorski ended the transmission, hearing the sirens of the emergency vehicles. "Bring them in when they get here, Cody," she told the Corporal. "Make sure the area stays clear."

Cpl. Cody now was armed with a CivDef automatic rifle, "Yes sir!"

Tom motioned the EMTs to come with him. They quickly ran down the long hallway. I hope that guy is still alive... it looked nasty the last time I was in there.

Dr. Mgube was working on McCready, and with barely a glance in their direction, the Gunnery Sergeant strode up to the Libran Secretary of State. "Sir, we must evacuate now," she stated firmly.

"Call the RAT." said Eleni calmly to Razor with a nod, not even bothering to glance at the other members of the delegation, nor the Vice President, before answering. The Gunnery Sergeant and the Secretary were markedly similar in that way, in this moment--each master of her domain, expecting their words as concerned those domains to be obeyed like the words of the gods, even by those who otherwise outranked them.

Razorski hailed Lt Benson over the combat net, saying, "Get your bird as close to the government building as you can, LT. We'll be bringing our people out for evac to the Libra."

[You got it.] Mouse's voice could be heard over the wireless, and right before the connection was cut she could be heard beginning to relay instructions to Zimmerman.

Eleni Kyriake, meanwhile, hadn't waited around as the call to the RAT was made. She had strode over to where the Solon stood, and approached the other woman with a solemn expression on her face.

"Madame Solon. This building is likely to be targeted by the Cylons, and will be difficult to leave safely through ordinary means. I would like to extend the invitation for you and the rest of the Heptumvirate to join us on the RAT."

At first, the Solon stared at the silver-haired woman as if from a distance, her eyes unfocused and glassy. An instant later, she was herself again. But not herself. There was a brittleness - and a sadness - that had not been there before. "Thank you for the kind offer, Madame Secretary, but my place is here. The others are free to do as they see fit."

"I understand." Eleni said, and whatever the battles between the two women, their eyes lingered on one another for a few more moments, finding what so many people had found throughout time, diplomats and soldiers alike--that those they faced off against perhaps understood them more and better, sometimes, than those they served.

You've got to respect the old battle axe, Garris Vernon thought as he tried to make himself useful - or at least not a nuisance.

Dr. Mgube looked up. "We need to get Tim treatment ASAP. We're going with whoever gets here first!"

Vicky took in the chaos around her and sighed. "'You gotta know when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em'," she quoted. "I'm leaving with the Colonials."

"Me too." said Barnaby Collins, his eyes still riveted on the fallen form of the Provost.

"I'm not going anywhere." said Laike Ileski in a haughty, defiant tone... but there was fear in her eyes, and it was unclear whether her knee-jerk defiance was against the Colonials, or the Cylons, or just against a world that was no longer fitting in to her orderly vision of it.

"Thank you... I'll go." Sarah Logan said in a low tone.

Quickly the EMTs entered the room and assessed the situation. They knew Dr. Mgube and took his orders immediately. Soon, Tim McCready was on the stretcher, Mgube still pressing a blood-soaked makeshift bandage to his neck. "Let's go!" he croaked out, and they hastened out, careful not to jolt the wounded man.

Libra CIC

Col. Wilson looked over to Captain Hastings while he waited for Razor, "What are you hearing on the broadcasts or shuttle traffic?"

"Confusion and nothing confirmed, Colonel. Alert squad is in space, sir."

"Have a viper escort ready for the big-wigs if they come up from the ground... in fact make it the Crusader squadron. If the Cylons show up, they can jump away with the RAT."

Hastings nodded his head in agreement. "Yes sir, contacting Major Watkins now."

Out of seemingly nowhere, a shout was heard across the CIC, "Admiral on the deck!"

Rodrigues strode into the CIC and over to the map table. “What have you got for me XO?”

Wilson looked up from his position over the communications console where he was standing over the specialist’s shoulder. “I’m still waiting for further information Admiral. Razorski’s only sent in a notifier.”

Rodrigues nodded. “Get her or Duncan back on the horn and give me a gods damned sitrep. Have you gotten the alert fighters up?”

It was Wilson’s turn to nod. “Aye sir, alerts one through five are off the deck and heading for low orbit over Oasis city. I have three raptors with assault troops ready to launch on your orders.”

“Get the raptors up and have them stand by in orbit as well. If they’re needed it’ll be in a hurry.”

“Aye sir,” Wilson replied. He relayed the orders to Captain Hastings and reached for the mic. “Ground Command this is Libra, be advised Libra Actual wants an immediate sitrep. How copy over?”


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Battlestar Taurus
Day 265

Brooke Osborne stood next to her photographer, Billy Lofton as he shot some stock footage of the hanger deck. “One more ship and at least you get to go home and see your family.”

“Yeah, you’ll be back in a few days.” Billy said as he panned across the deck. “Don’t know why I have the mic on. The producers will just place what ever audio they want on it.”

“Sure enough if we don’t, Daye will have our…” Brooke stopped in mid-sentence as about half of the deck lights turned red. Then, a female voice boomed over the PA system and the klaxons sounded.

“Action Stations, Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship. This is not a drill. Repeat, Action Stations, Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship. This is not a drill!”

“Not a…holy shit!” Brooke said in shock.

Billy stood there with his camera on his shoulder, continuing to shoot. “Oh Gods…I wonder what the frak is going on?”

Before Brooke could answer, the deck exploded with activity. Viper pilots made a dash to their craft and mechanics scurried to get craft and pilots ready to launch.

Billy turned his camera in time to see a viper being loaded into a launch tube. He caught another deckhand saluting a pilot and then scampering down the ladder. Within moments, the craft disappeared behind a hatch, much like the first one he shot.

Brooke turned her head and noticed that the raptor they were supposed to leave on was being pulled away. She looked at the deckhand, “What’s going on? Where’s my…er…that raptor going?”

“Readying it for combat, ma’am.” the man said. “As for what’s going on… no clue other than I’m doing my job to save both of our asses, hopefully.”

The young reporter stood there in shock. After a few moments, she noticed their Marine guard coming back towards them…and she could see someone in the distance glaring at her and Billy. She couldn’t make out what the man in the orange jumpsuit was saying…but it was directed at her and her photographer.

Frak was the only thing that came into Brooke’s mind.

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'

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D265 T1359
Destroyer Douglas J. Griffyn CIC

Commander Herald hung up the handset and softly muttered "Frak me".

Major Johnson heard the CO's words, and looked up from the nav board which he had been staring blankly. "What's going on sir", Johnson asked. Before he got a reply, the ship's PA system squawked, signifying an incoming announcement. Herald held out a finger to Johnson, signifying "one minute".

"Attention, this is the Commander. Set condition one throughout the ship, repeat; action stations, set condition one throughout the ship", Herald said and then put down the handset. He saw the inquisitive look on Johnson's face.

"The Cylon Mod. 0005's on Oasis have gone into combat mode. Marines down there are trying to isolate and control the situation, gods help them", Herald said.

Johnson was instantly nervous. They had dealt with the Centurions of the current war, but neither he nor Herald had any real experience with the old Centurion models, besides battle simulations. "Neither of us have dealt with those models of Cylons personally, Bren", Johnson said.

Herald thought for a moment, "they can't be any harder to deal with than the current models, bullets can still bring them down. Let's stick with our mission out here. This would be the perfect time for the Toasters we have experience with to pop in an cause trouble. The fleet is our priority".

"Right", Johnson said, grabbing the handset.

In moments he was through to the hangar deck, specifically Mad Dog. "Keep it tight out there Mad Dog, expect anything".



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Day 265

Several writers

Mouse had maneuvered the RAT to be, quite literally, as close to the Oasian government building as she could be--a mere foot or two in front of the grand stairs leading to the building. Now, Zimmerman kept watch for any approaching Cylons, while Mouse placed a call back to Razor.

"... outside in front of the stairs. No sign of Cylons, at the moment." finished Mouse.

Cpl. Tom Cody had watched the RAT touchdown. Quickly he and a couple of members of the planetary CivDef left the safety of the building and took up positions... ever alert for Cylons. In the distance, Cody could still see the Cylons he, Razor and Cmdr. McCloud had taken out.

In the distance, Tom could hear the unmistakable sounds of gunfire, "Area secure and we're in place. You are go for extraction, sir!"

First out of the building was Liza Liala, moving for the RAT at a dead run, Naiya Viryes in front of her and Bill Daniels behind. Once they reached the RAT, both agents covered the Vice President as she scrambled into the RAT, then took positions at the entrance to the RAT.

Next out the door was Eleni Kyriake, similarly covered by Jessica Reese and another Secret Service agent. Once the Secretary had entered the RAT, however, both of her protectors ran back towards government hall, and began to bring out the members of the Heptumvirate.

Patrick Greene and Sarah Logan were the next two quickly escorted out. Greene had his arm around the grieving woman. "We're nearly there, Sarah. We'll be out of here in a minute."

It was Vicki Chen's turn to sprint for the waiting ship, flanked by Barnaby Collins and Garris Vernon. She ran barefoot, one hand holding her stylish high-heel pumps and the other her purse and attache case.

"You could kill someone with those things," Garris blurted out once they were safely inside. The words were no sooner out of his mouth that he realized his blunder. "I... I'm sorry. I don't know how... why..."

"It's called gallows humor, Mr. Vernon," Vicki replied with a tiny smile. "Appropriate under the circumstances, don't you think? Besides," she eyed the long spikes at the heel of her shoes, "I could do some damage with these if I wanted to..."

Garris grinned. Rennie seldom wore such frivolous footwear; his thoughtful, sensible wife mostly wore comfortable, sensible shoes. He had a sudden image of Rennie wearing Ms. Chen's shoes... and nothing else. The RAT suddenly felt very small and very hot.

Rennie! And Kate! Where were they? Had they been notified of the cylon revolt? Were they... safe? He squirmed in his seat, antsy with worry.

As the last of the VIPs entered the RAT, Cpl. Cody could see two Cylons off in the distance. He couldn't make out if they were armed. He quickly got on the comm-net, "I have two Cylons in sight at the nine 'o clock position. RAT hatch is sealed up. You are clear for dust off."

As Cody sighted them in, he heard a bullet hit the craft. They're armed... that was fast. "We're now taking small-arms fire... returning fire on the enemy position. Get that RAT out of here!"

Mouse didn't even waste time replying--the RAT took off near-instantly, at speeds which undoubtedly violated most all of it's operating specs. Inside the RAT, Barnaby Collins sucked his breath and turned a shade greener as he nearly lost his lunch.

"Your pilot is a lunatic...!" he said breathlessly.

"Trust me..." said Liza grimly, the fast take-off not seeming to have affected her at all, "... a lunatic is exactly what we want at the moment."

Sarah Logan sat huddled in her chair, sobbing uncontrollably. A Secret Service Agent had strapped her in moments before lift off. "Tim... why?! Why?"

Patrick Greene sat next to her and grabbed her hand, "It'll all work out... and we'll be safe soon."

Not even a second had passed from Greene's last words when a second bullet hit the RAT. Its small caliber made it virtually impossible to damage the craft, but the small 'pop' sound of it hitting made Sarah Logan scream at the top of her lungs.

Daniels, Viryes, and Reese exchanged glances with one another as Logan began to scream. With the RAT moving at speed an maneuvering as it was, there was no way for anyone to do more to comfort--or control--the panicked Oasian council member. They would just have to leave things as they were, and pray her hysteria didn't move beyond screaming.

"Oh, shut up, Sarah!" Vicki exclaimed, exasperated, "or I'll have to get up and knock you out, since our hosts are too well-mannered to do it themselves!"

With Vicki's admonishing, Sarah quieted to a whimper. Patrick Greene looked towards the cockpit of the craft. He could see they were quickly approaching the clouds. Well, at least we'll be on Libra soon...I'll need to touch base with Quorum once things start to settle down.

Somewhere inside Founders' Hall, two figures watched the Colonial vessel's hasty departure.

Finally, the Solon's voice, tired but sharp as tempered steel, broke the silence. "You should've gone with them, child."

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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D 265 T1405

"... and that's when he... asked." Fernanda Bello blushed prettily as she told her rapt audience about the night before.

"Ooo Ferdie, that is so romantic!!!" Else gushed.

Inga smiled indulgently over the rim of her cup. "I always liked Major Dedrick. Good, solid man, Karl thinks very highly of him..."

Gia had already heard the news - heard them that morning, as soon as Ferdie had waltzed in with a grin on her face and her head in the clouds. It didn't stop her from tearing up again, though, tears of happiness at her sister's obvious joy.

"Oh my Gods!!! Jenni said with a squeal in her voice. "You are so lucky to have such a great man to be your husband. I'm so happy for you!"

Joe Heaton smiled as he walked over and gave Ferdie a hug. "Congratulations, my friend. I'll make sure Teddy is on his best behavior on the happy day."

"Thanks, Joe," Ferdie giggled as an image of the loveable red-haired terror and his retinue of dogs and cats flashed before her eyes.

They were sitting around the table in the galley, sipping an after-lunch coffee; Zoe played in her makeshift play-yard, and Teddy was off somewhere playing with the dogs - they could hear the distant yips and happy squeals over the soft background music playing on the wireless.

"So when's the wedding?" Thorny asked brightly. "We gotta get the old girl ready for it!"

"We haven't set a date yet," the bride-to-be smiled, "but..."

The jarring loud tone was heard coming from the wireless that caught the attention of everyone in the room. It was the 'attention' tone that was used for breaking news and emergencies. Joe quickly walked over and turned up the volume.

Fleet Broadcast Channel One now interrupts the regularly scheduled programing for this news bulletin. From the newsroom, here is Arron Myles

"We have been monitoring radio traffic from the shuttles and ships that are in transit to and from Oasis. Apparently, there has been some sort of incident that involves Cylons on the planet. Although no details have been confirmed, there are reports of casualties and combat on some level. Once again, this is based off of radio traffic we have been listening to from ships and shuttles. At this time, there has been no reports of Cylon military activity..."

The announcer stopped and everyone could hear the sound of voices speaking in low voices that the average listener could not hear.

"Lords of Kobol!" Inga exclaimed. "Karl is down there!"

"David!" Ferdie breathed in horror.

"At this time, civilian and military officials have asked that the various broadcasting channels suspend broadcasting. Fleet Broadcast Channel One will return to operations providing you news, information and entertainment shortly. We will now sign off...

Two seconds later, there was the sound of a 'pop' from the speaker and then static was heard.

Joe turned down the radio, "I'm heading to the bridge to check in with Putz... I'll see if he knows anything and I'll pass it on."

"I'm going with you," Inga rose resolutely. "Someone has to know what the frak is going on down there."

Jenni looked out the window across the fleet. She took in a silent, but deep breath after gazing on the Taurus. They're launching vipers... frak!

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Oasis, Airfield
Day 265 1405 Hours

Lance Corporal Dan Wolfe had been on Oasis for less than five minutes when his combat-honed reflexes were put to the test.

The Raptor had landed without incident; he and Doc DeValera had hopped out and hustled out of the engine blast; and then the Raptor had lifted off. Dan had enough time to breathe in real fresh air, squint in the sunlight, and comment to the Doc, “It sure is nice to be outside again.”

“Yes, it is,” DeValera agreed, smiling.

Just at that moment, they heard gunfire—assault rifles, Wolfe thought, automatically flinging himself on top of DeValera.

“Oof!” the physician grunted; but he’d already hit the ground, saving him from the full force of the Lance Corporal’s muscular body.

“Sorry, Doc,” Wolfe said, but his attention was on the warehouse, where he’d heard the gunfire. He moved to the side, still prone, his own assault rifle in his hands.

A squad of 0005 cylons appeared from around the side of the nearby warehouse, the lead ones facing outward, providing cover for those following, which were backing out of the building, firing back into it. The fire was being returned from the guards inside the building.

Dan propped himself up on his elbows, cradling his assault rifle gently in his arms, and he muttered, “Didn’t expect me to be out here, didja? Didn’t think I’d be armed, hm?” He spared a quick glance at DeValera, who had produced a handgun seemingly from nowhere. Aiming down the sights of his rifle again, the Lance Corporal said, “Unless you have armor-piercing rounds in that thing, Doc, it ain’t gonna do you much good. Keep your head down.”

As the doctor chuckled, Wolfe fired once then a second time in quick succession, and one of the 0005s staggered and fell. Wolfe breathed in and out calmly, then again fired twice, taking out a second cylon.

At this point, the lead 0005s and several of those that had been firing into the warehouse turned, bringing their purloined weapons to bear on the two Librans. Their rounds kicked up dirt and clumps of grass around Wolfe and DeValera, but Wolfe, and the humans in the warehouse, continued their swift but measured shooting.

It took less than a minute for the combined defense to destroy the remaining cylons. Wolfe didn’t get up right away, though, and neither did DeValera.

“I’m supposed to be on leave,” Wolfe grumbled, pulling the mic/earpiece set of his combat net comms from a cargo pocket on the side of his uniform pants. He jammed the earpiece into his ear, then reached back into the pocket to turn on the transceiver.

“Wolfe here outside the warehouse, area looks secure,” he spoke quietly into the mic.

“Roger that,” came the reply, the ‘net supplying Wolfe with the identity of the speaker: Corporal Brenda Upton. “Secure here also, but we have three down.”

Wolfe got to one knee. “I have Doc DeValera out here, I’m coming in with him.” He stood, and the physician stood also. “Injured for you, Doc,” Wolfe sighed.

DeValera nodded, and the two loped into the warehouse. Neither gave the destroyed 0005s a second glance.

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, about budget cuts for the US’s intelligence agencies: "We're not going to do more with less and all these other clichés. . . . We will just simply have less capability."


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Jonathan MaLing, of the former Sundog
Camp Blue Sky, Oasis
Day 265 1402 Hours

MaLing peered into the microscope, studying various kinds of Oasian fauna. He occasionally jotted notes down on his sketchpad. Jennifer commented sweetly, "Anything interesting?"

Jonathon looked up to see Jennifer Alciner, a geologist he had met when first ariving in the fleet. He chuckled, "Much more interesting than rocks grinding together and causing earthquakes."

Jennifer smiled, "Roots, stamens, leaves... blah blah." Jennifer had felt out of place in the fleet at first. There was not much for a geologist to do in a civilization on the run. The idea of coming down to Oasis had initially bored her, until she learned of the former-Colonials that inhabited it.

"So Jon, how about we go into town tonight and grab some food?" she asked. Jon had returned to his microscope, "Yeah, let's see what the rest of the team thinks".

"Just you and me, Jon," Jennifer said, a bit more stern. He acted as if he didn't hear her. "Damnit Jon, get your head out of the microscope. For someone who loves flowers so much you should wake up and smell them for once!"

Jon had indeed heard Jennifer, but he was too nervous to answer. Their curiosity for each other had culminated two weeks before. He had made the mistake of saying "I love you" just after climaxing. Jon had never been one to throw that phrase around lightly, and using it here with Jennifer made him nervous... very nervous.

There was a pop in the distance... somewhat familiar, but it couldn't be. Jennifer cleared her throat, "Gods dammit Jon, don't ignore me." Another pop. Jennifer heard it too. Jon looked up from the microscope and focused his hearing into the distance.

Jennifer took advantage of another chance to get his attention, "Oh so now there is something outside of the microscope." Jennifer hated being a bitch, but sometimes it was necessary in order to get a man's attention.

There was a burst of popping. Now the sound was unmistakable.

Jennifer's eyes grew wide, "Oh my gods, is that gunfire?!"

Jon ran for the front of the tent and threw back the canvas. The camp was coming to life. The distant gunfire became more numerous. Jennifer grabbed Jon's hand. He looked back at her, "Let's see what's going on".

The two set out at a quick trot towards the source of the sound. As they got closer, or what they felt was closer, Reninda Cure ran past them in the opposte direction. She stopped just long enough to pass on what she knew, or had heard.

"Gunshots are coming from the Trader's Camp. There's no definites on who it is, but the word Cylon keeps floating around," Reninda said, panting, then continued her fast pace.

Jon felt flushed at the word Cylons. Surely not, the models on Oasis were harmless! "What do we do?" he asked Reninda quickly.

Reninda turned around and yelled, "I don't know about you but I'm heading for the ships." She rounded the corner and was gone.

Jennifer's grasp on Jon's hand turned painful, "Jon let's do the same." The two set out at a sprint, hands clasped, for the landing site. In the excitement, Jon forgot which ship had brought them to Oasis.

"Jenn, which ship is it again?" he asked emphatically. Jenn's pause in answering worried Jon for a brief second until he heard her voice say "Colonial Heavy 941."

He quickly searched the landed craft, and found the ship. He turned around, Jenn was panting frantically, "Almost there!"



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Astral Dawn
Day 265

Andy Meyers sat in his office with a numb feeling. Although he was happy to hear that the Colonial Delegation had gotten out and several Oasian government members came with them...he felt almost 'guilty' for what had happened.

This would have happened sooner or later...but why now?! Gods, I know they brought those damn things with them, but but why did the Toasters have to turn on them while we were here? If one of our people somehow did this...I'll never forgive the idiot and I'll sure a hell not forgive myself for coming here.

His handset buzzed. Meyers secretary Laura Rice was on the other end. "Mr. President, we'll be able to establish a connection with the Vice President in a moment. Right now the planet's atmosphere is causing issues with maintaining a connection."

"Good...patch Liza through when you get her. Thank you, Laura." Andy said calmly as he hung up the handset. At least I know she is safe. Maybe I should order her to stay in the fleet or on Libra. I can't risk losing both of us. Ben has to be busy...I need to contact him though.

President Meyers then typed up a quick message to the Admiral via Libra Comms. He knew others would see it that did not know of Secret Order #1. Andy knew he had to pick his words well...and make the message short.

Although this was Commander and Chief communicating to his top officer, Andy dispensed with the formalities for the sake of time.

To: Admiral Rodrigues (Via Libra Comms)
From: President Meyers
Subject: 0005 Cylons and revolt


Do what you feel is necessary to defend Camp Blue Sky and the surrounding areas. Protection of human life takes priority over property. Whatever path you do take, I will publicly back you 100%. We will talk after this emergency is over.


Battlestar Libra

The CIC was a flurry of activity as the men and women of the watch continued to monitor the situation on Oasis. There was very little information coming from the surface by either the civilian government or the military.

At the center of the room Rodrigues stood, watching the Dradis for the telltale sign of an arriving cylon attack fleet. Thus far there had been nothing, save for the activity on the ground. The problem was, however, without up to date reports it was going to be very difficult to vector reinforcements to those that needed them. Rodrigues grumbled but kept his comments internalized. Gunny I need that information. Where the frak is my sitrep?. Despite the information he had already received from Dedrick's milint personnel he also needed info from the grunts on the ground.

“Sir,” Captain Hastings approached from his station. “I have a message for you from the president.”

Rodrigues accepted the piece of paper with a nod to Hastings, who returned to his station. As he read it, Rodrigues allowed a short smile to cross his lips. Well this will make things a bit easier for me but I’m not certain he’ll like the fallout if things go wrong.

As he turned his attention back to the Dradis console the corridor doors opened, allowing entry to Colonel Riley.

Riley, dressed in fatigues, walked over to the map table, “Reporting for duty Admiral.” He said.

Not taking his eyes off the Dradis Rodrigues regarded his old friend. “I thought the doctor told you to take it easy.”

“She did, besides I hate doctors,” Riley replied. “If things go completely to shit as they generally do as of late you’re going to need everyone.”

Rodrigues nodded. “Point taken. You are not, however, cleared for field duty. I could use you to coordinate the marines on the ground from here.”

Riley smiled. “Aye sir.”


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Demeter Bridge
D265 1408

Joe entered the bridge at a quick pace, "Putz, what's going on? Have they ordered us into jump prep?"

Inga looked at Joe sharply. It wasn't like him to forget ship protocol; she let it slide, though - he'd gone through a lot, and had been responsible for the lives of the Sundog survivors for far too long.

Putz looked from one to the other, momentarily confused. At Inga's nod, he replied. "No, not yet. From what little I've heard, looks like the cylons dirtside went rogue. There's reports of skirmishes and shooting at some sort of government building..."

"Sorry Inga... force of habit." Joe said.

"I know," she smiled at the younger man reassuringly. She turned to her second in command. "How bad is it, Helmut?" she asked softly.

Putz rubbed his balding pate. "It sounds bad, Inga. Not a lot of info coming in, but what there is..." he shook his head.

"Frakking idiots," she ground out. "Good thing we're not down there anymore..."

One of the radios in the bridge had been on auto-scan, scrubbing through the frequencies. It stopped on a conversation:

Voice 1: ... and that's all I know, Gabriel. It sounds like the Merchants Camp outside of Blue Sky was taking the brunt of it. If the Toasters head towards the camp, they'll find the fight not so easy.

Voice 2: Ugh, Phil! I'm getting e-noted from the other captains as we speak. I've closed off the bridge and told the switchboard tell everyone to watch the information channel about what is going on.

Voice 1: I know this much, I'm happy to see all these floating rocks and the guns on those mil ships...

Voice 3: Attention Grandeur Actual and Dionysus Flight 284, this is Taurus Flight Control. The fleet has been ordered to radio silence except for emergencies. You are ordered to cease your transmissions. Please acknowledge and then terminate your transmissions.

Dionysus Flight 284: Taurus Flight Control, acknowledged and out..

Grandeur Actual: Taurus Flight Control, please inform Taurus Actual that the Captain's Union President would like some sort of information so I can pass it along to the other captains and my passengers. Acknowledged and Grandeur Actual out.

Taurus Flight Control: Acknowledged Grandeur Actual. Dionysus Flight 284, Viper NA72461C is in route to your location to escort you back to your ship. ETA two minutes...

Inga rolled her eyes. "Gods, Gabriel can be such a windbag!"

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Oasis Airfield
Day 265 1408 Hours

Lance Corporal Dan Wolfe stopped at the entrance to the warehouse, Dr DeValera at his elbow. Corporal Brenda Upton met them, and said, “This way, Doc,” leading the physician further into the building.

Wolfe followed on DeValera’s heels, ready to help with the injured but not entirely sure what to do. The doctor shrugged out of his backpack and stopped at the first casualty, a Libran Marine who was already being tended to by an Oasian CivDef member.

“I’m okay, Doc,” the Marine assured DeValera, and although it was obvious that he was in pain, the doctor could see his injuries were relatively minor.

“You’ll be fine,” DeValera agreed, touching him briefly on the shoulder.

Wolfe picked up the doctor’s pack, following him as he went on to the next two—an Oasian and another Marine, both also being administered preliminary care. Both were more seriously wounded than the first, but the physician was glad to see that their injuries weren’t fatal ones, either. A Marine medic was taking care of the Oasian, so DeValera moved on to the final injured man.

With surprise, DeValera saw that Major Dedrick was holding a field bandage against the Marine’s side, and he said, “David… what do we have here?” He knelt by Dedrick, automatically feeling for the pulse in the injured Marine’s neck. He was reassured to feel it strong and steady under his fingers.

"PFC Dacio Garcia, Doc," Dedrick responded quickly. "Caught one in the side, looks to be through and through, not deep though." Looking at the wounded Marine, Dedrick went on, "Hell, it's practically just a flesh wound." Garcia started to chuckle, but winced in pain instead. Dedrick shifted him cautiously, preparing to give him over to DeValera's care. As they made the transfer, Dedrick added, "By the way, Doc, it's good to see you."

“I’ve got it,” DeValera said, slipping his hand under Dedrick’s to hold the dressing in place. The Marine groaned, and DeValera paused, steadying him with a hand on his shoulder. “I’m going to take a look, Garcia, hang in there,” he told the Marine.

The physician quickly looked at the wound, then he accepted a clean bandage from Wolfe and taped it in place. Once he was satisfied with that, he did a more thorough exam of the Marine. “He’s stable,” DeValera reassured Major Dedrick. “We just need to get all three to a hospital.”

"Sgt. Rudd already put the call in - Oasian surface ambulance is enroute," Dedrick glanced at the watch on his left wrist, "should be about three more minutes."

"Excellent," DeValera nodded. "Good to see you, too, David!" He got up and relieved LCpl Wolfe of his medical pack. "You're supposed to be on shore leave, Dan," he ribbed the big Marine.

Wolfe sighed. "Doc, I have a funny feeling that everyone's shore leave has just been recalled," he said. "You don't need me right now?" At the physician's negative reply, Wolfe turned to Dedrick and asked, "What are your orders, sir?"

"I came here to retrieve an activated triple-oh-five for analysis, Lance Corporal," Dedrick replied. "You can help me locate one that hasn't been 'deactivated' too harshly."

"If I had my way, sir, I'd deactivate them to a jallion teeny pieces," Wolfe said, regarding the officer with a dubious look, "but there's a couple outside that aren't too mangled. Where do you want to go with it?"

"My original intent was to take one up to the Libra, once I got clearance through Commander McCloud." Dedrick glanced around, surveying the damage caused by the firefight, and the wounded being prepped for transport. "Given the current situation, the maintenance hangar would be a more expeditious choice."

The brawny Marine shrugged. "Whatever you say, sir. What are we gonna do?"

"We're going to do a field autopsy on one of these antique toasters," David said with a feral grin. "Let's see what makes the bastards tick, and find a way to make them stop."


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Destroyer Persues
Asteroid field with mining ships
Day 265

(Raider X / JDCTexas)

“…understood Commander and Perseus Actual out.” Karl Vansen looked across the CIC Lt. McDonnel, “Patricia, set condition one throughout the ship and get Major Baker up here, stat.”

As the ship was called to battle stations, the Commander turned and looked at the comms station. “Petty Officer, contact Hades Horn and Scorpion Mining. Inquire ETA on emergency lift off…then order them to do it.”

“Aye, sir!” Becca Reyes said as she picked started to conference the mining ship in.

Major Charly Baker, second-in-command of the destroyer, had been just around the corner of the CIC, when Petty Officer Reyes had called for him. He had been to the gym for a bit of sparring with one of the Marines and hadn't had the time to change yet, so he still was clad only with sweat soaked track pants and a t-shirt. His eyes on the Dradis screen already, he asked Vansen in a low voice "What is it this time, Sir?"

"Apparently the 0005's have revolted on Oasis." Vansen paused for a moment to let what he had just said settle in. "Fighting has broken out, but details are still coming in. No Cylon activity on DRADIS yet...but better safe than sorry."

"So they didn't believe our stories now it's up to us to save the day, hmm?"

Petty Officer Reyes looked across the to command table. “Sir, both ships report that it will take 45 minutes to detach and get off the asteroids, sirs. I have them on the your handsets if you need to talk to them.”

“Fourty-five frakking minutes…” Karl Looked across at the Major. “If the Toasters show up, we’re in trouble.”

Major Baker nodded, before his eyes returned to the large Dradis screen. "May I suggest we play a little game of 'hide-and-seek', Sir? We shut down all active sensor arrays and hold wireless-silence. Communication with Hades Horn and Scorpion Mining can be done with signal lights..."

"Damn good idea...make it happen, Charly." the Commander stated. "Becca, coded Priority One message to Taurus Actual: We're going emissions silent at this time and inform them of the time to dust-off for the mining ships."

"Yes sir." Reyes quickly went to work contacting Taurus.

Karl looked over a system chart as he waited for the XO to finish his conversation with the mining ships. After a few moments, he circled a spot on the map. Baker finished his chat to the CO looking at him. "With us turning off anything that transmits and our remote location, a scout should be able to deploy and not have its equipment flooded with radio traffic, don't you think?"

It took Baker a moment to respond. "I don't think a cylon scout would get a lot emissions from here, no. we all know that 'wireless silence' is never really 'silent', but the ore contained in all those rocks floating around us should dampen the rest of our emissions just nicely. So as long as they don't try to take a shortcut right through our nice little piece of asteroid belt, the cylons shouldn't be able to hear anything. And even if they do, it will sound like emissions from Oasis itself..."

"Lets get the Ranger Scout into space. It would be nice to get some early warning...should any Cylon warships be nearby."

"Yes Sir. I'll set up a three hour rotation, that way we'll have at least one bird in the air at all times. And if a cylon warship shows up, we'll make them regret it!"

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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Oasis – forested area near the merchant’s camp
Day 265 1410 Hours

Major Scott Duncan lay prone behind a large fallen tree trunk, quickly assessing his next move. From his position—if he dared raise his head—he could see through the trees and down the slope to the merchant’s camp. Between him and the camp, however, were two massed groups of 0005 cylons, all wielding deadly accurate automatic weapons of some sort. Opposite, across the clearing where the merchant’s market lay, he’d spotted glints of light off metal… more cylons.

At the moment, however, he was under fire; a rhythmic, relatively slow rate of automatic fire that was hammering into the tree trunk, sending splinters and bits of wood showering like rain.

They sure have a different sound to them, the Major thought, trying to determine exactly what sort of weapons they were. He dismissed the thought, gathering himself, and said over the combat net, “S’Jahar, I’m moving seven meters north, three east, taking cover behind rocks.”

“Roger, kyafk’i, covering you,” came the Scorpian sniper’s calm reply.

As he sprinted to the new position, still almost prone even as he moved, Duncan heard the flat crack of S’Jahar’s anti-material sniper rifle. Where the sa’ira are the reinforcements? Duncan had called in for additional troops only five minutes ago, but with the planet’s unstable electromagnetic atmosphere, he didn’t know if his transmission had gone through.

He reviewed the situation; himself, PFC S’Jahar, Cpl S’Matas, PFC Harris—all Scorpians—and two CivDef members, Cote and Kryst were the only armed humans defending the merchant’s camp. Six of us, about… jima’i, about a hundred of them.

Then a tinny voice came in Duncan’s earpiece: [Chimera Five inbound with a squad of Marines for you, Major, where do you want them?]

“Keep low, the toasters have armor-piercing ammo,” Duncan replied, craning his neck to see if he could see the Raptor. He spotted it almost immediately, and gave the pilot landing coordinates.

Even as the ship barreled in to land, the cylons targeted it, firing their weapons in perfect unison. Rounds struck the raptor, sparks flashing from the armored plates.

Onboard Chimera Five the occupants could hear the multitude of impacts as the rounds struck home. Suddenly, one of the consoles in the rear compartment failed, showering the squad of marines with sparks and pieces of insulation. In the pilot’s seat Lieutenant Margaret Hinnsman jerked her head to the left as several rounds struck the right side of her canopy, cracking it. She muttered an explicative and pulled hard on the flight stick, banking the raptor away. Several more shots from the toasters followed the raptor and struck along her engine exhausts. Immediately a plume of black smoke jetted from the rear of one of the engines.

"Chimera Five to Ground Command, aborting landing, do you have a lead-free site for us Major," Hinnsman asked in a casual tone.

"Stand by, Chimera Five," Duncan replied, scanning for where the AA fire was coming from.

“Kyafk’i, there’s a couple squads of tin cans entrenched thirty-two meters southeast of the camp,” S’Matas reported over the net. “They have good cover and complete field of fire over the camp.”

We need to take them out, Duncan thought, mentally reviewing the terrain. Between his meager team and that entrenched position, however, were at least two dozen 0005s, all armed with that unusual weapon. Sounds kind of like the Centurion’s built-in weaponry, went through the back of Duncan’s mind.

Over the net, Duncan transmitted, "Chimera Five, can you get me a patch through to Libra?"

In just seconds, the Chimera crew had a relay up and running, although the planet's emissions made the signal faint and crackling with static. Calmly, Duncan transmitted a sitrep on the command channel, unsure if any of it was getting through the interference. "Ground Command to Libra, merchant camp being fired upon by approximately one hundred cylons. I have three Marines and two CivDef on site." The Major stopped a moment as a concentrated burst of cylon gunfire pelted the rocks he was taking cover behind; then he resumed, "Cylons have AA ordnance and Raptor cannot land. Request reinforcements and ammo resupply." He paused, then finished, "Ground Command to Libra, do you copy?"

Duncan pressed a hand over his ear, relieved to hear Colonel Riley's voice in acknowledgement.

Libra CIC

Riley stood over the communications console and listened as the reports came streaming in. As he was about to remove the headset and return to the map table Duncan’s transmission came through. Riley could clearly make out the sound of gunfire over the combat net. He pressed the transmit switch that was located on the cord extending from his headset. “Mardet Actual to Ground Command, we copy wait one.” Riley looked over at Hastings. “What’s the status of our Cobras?”

Hastings shook his head. “They’re both being prepped Colonel. It’ll take fifteen minutes to launch and another ten to get to the target area.”

Riley furrowed his brow. “Not enough time,” he turned to the communications console, changed the frequency, and keyed his mic.

“Shadow Actual to Shadow Flight, acknowledge.”

[Shadow Flight acknowledges Actual. Go ahead.]

“What’s your current location?”

[We’re at grid seven-three-four-seven inbound to Oasis City to drop off some weapons to the Civ Def people. We figured they could use them, over.]

“Change of orders, we have a situation at the merchant camp and it looks like you’re the closest to them. What’s your payload status, over?”

[Full air to air and air to ground capabilities. What can we do to assist?]

“Ground Command and a group of marines are in need of assistance at the merchant camp. They tried to bring in Chimera Five but she took anti air fire from the ground.”

[How in Hades’ name did the toasters get anti air assets?]

“Unknown Shadow Flight but they need some help, head there now and take out that AA so we can land some more troops at the camp.”

[Understood, actual. We’re switching to their frequency now. Shadow flight out.]

Riley looked again at the communications officer and removed his headset. “Keep me advised of the ground situation at the merchant camp.” As he walked back over to the table he could see Rodrigues’ eyes on him.

“Let’s hope they get there in time,” Rodrigues said and turned his attention back to the map table.

Amen to that sir, Riley thought.

Aboard the Illustrious Zayne pulled up the ordnance screen as Crenna focused on piloting the ship. He scrolled through several menus, coming to rest on the air to ground sub menu. Information on the weapons stored in the internal and external racks flashed on the screen. He selected a set of air to ground missiles and a canister of cluster munitions. Turning his head to the rear of the flight deck he glanced at Vinoli who, seated at the communications console, was in the process of switching the radio frequency to that of the ground teams’ net.

“Ground Command this is Shadow flight,” Vinoli said. “We are inbound to your position at this time. ETA is three minutes. How copy, over?” The reply was instantaneous.

[Copy you five-by, Shadow flight,] Duncan replied, both surprised and glad to hear the SpecOps team. [Cylon emplacements at two locations; cylon patrols are throughout the area.] He recited the coordinates slowly, then added, [Priority target is the first emplacement; it has AA field of fire over the entire camp.]

Zayne keyed up his mic. “Copy that Ground Command. Keep your heads down, we’ll be coming in from your six o’clock at twenty five meters off the deck. AA emplacement is priority and we’ll remain on station for close air support. Shadow Flight is inbound.”



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(With jdctexas)

Oasis City
Day 265 1412 Hours

Gunnery Sergeant Razorski pressed her back against the side of the building, crouching down near the corner, her assault rifle ready. She could hear the clank—clank—clank of the cylon footsteps from the street around the corner, and figured there were at least four of the 0005s. She’d heard gunfire coming from where the cylons were, just a few moments earlier, so it was a good bet that they were armed.

The Razor could see Cpl Tom Cody diagonally across the intersection; he’d be able to see the cylons before she could. “Whatcha got, Cody?” she asked softly over the ‘net.

"Five Toasters heading your direction in a V formation. Three have picked up rifles from somewhere." Cody glanced back long enough to make out the guns and something else, "And it looks like they got them from some CivDef members. Other two look to have grenades...toaster ETA to you in ten seconds. Franklin and I've got the drop on them."

"Roger that," Razorski acknowledged.

Tom looked over at Private Cara Franklin and shook his head to the left. She nodded her head in agreement. Cody then mouthed the words ''. The Marines took aim from their mostly covered position and opened fire. While Franklin fired on the lead Cylon, Tom sighted in on the closest 0005 carrying grenades.

The first shot from Cody blew out the visual sensor on the Cylon and then he went to full-auto fire, "Feel free to join in the fun, we have their attention."

The Gunnery Sergeant moved an eye and the barrel of her rifle around the corner, and on one knee, she fired. The armor-piercing round impacted just under one of the 0005's 'armpits', then hit something vital in the torso of the robot. It jerked around, sparks and smoke spitting out of it, then it toppled to the ground, twitching.

She sighted on the next cylon, hitting it at the same time as a round fired either by Cody or Franklin also struck. The cylon took two more steps, then crumpled, hitting the ground with a metallic thud.

The last Cylon was about to throw a grenade in the direction of Franklin and Cody when the servos in its hand and right arm failed. The explosive slid out of the 0005s' hand and landed in front it. A second later, the grenade exploded...taking out the last Cylon.

In a moment of loud but precise violence, the trio of Colonial Marines had taken down the 0005 Cylons. Cody quickly looked all directions and then looked at what remained of the Cylons. Satisfied that they were no longer a threat, Cody clicked his mic, "Targets eliminated, sir and area secured. Good job, you two."

Razorski rolled her eyes to herself at Cody's last words. Cocky bastard, she thought, but she didn't reply. She switched the channel to the wide area net, listening to other Marine reports. "Reports of cylons, grid 42," she said to Cody and Franklin. "Let's move out."

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, about budget cuts for the US’s intelligence agencies: "We're not going to do more with less and all these other clichés. . . . We will just simply have less capability."


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