Commander - Battlestar Libra and Battlegroup 26 (Overall Military Commander of the Fleet)

Benito Rodrigues was last in a long line of military members. He joined the service at the age of seventeen, training in fighter combat as a viper pilot. As a viper pilot he honed his skills as a very skilled flyer. He quickly rose through the ranks and made squadron leader.

At the age of twenty-three Rodrigues earned the rank of Major and served as XO aboard the cruiser Tripoli. He took command of the Tripoli during an attack by the Cylons in the closing days of the first Cylon war after the CO was killed. He managed to save the ship and come to the rescue of the Atlantia when it came under heavy attack by Cylon forces. The rescue earned him a reputation as a calm and calculating commander.

Over the years Rodrigues was placed in command of everything from missile cruisers to colonial battlestars, including command of a special operations team as part of Colonial Intelligence. His latest assignment gave him operational control of Battlestar Group 26. His flagship was the Battlestar Libra, a top of the line Mercury Class Battlestar. The group consisted of three battlestars, five cruisers, four destroyers, and several other support vessels.

Rodrigues is well liked by the crew of the Libra. He is willing to listen, is fair, and non-judgemental. He is not, however, a push over and also doesn't hesitite to lay down the hammer when needed.

He is cool and purposeful in his approach to tactics. He moves quickly with a practiced approach. His crew has learned to answer his orders immediately as those orders have kept them alive on more than one occassion.

Before the attacks Rodrigues was chosen by the Admiralty as the fleet's newest Admiral. Unfortunately the events on the day of the attacks stopped that.

Rodrigues was married but had no children. He lost his wife five years prior to the cylon attacks when the ship she was serving on dissappeared. .

Eric Riley is the commander of Battlestar Group 26's Marine Detachment (MarDet). As such he has overall control of all marine personnel within the entire battlegroup.

Riley is considered to be a father figure amongst his people. He takes the time to be sure his people are well taken care of. Having left his home under not so pleasant circumstances he understands his people need to belong.

Riley spent the majority of his military career serving with and commanding a special operations unit for the colonial military.

A veteran of numerous operations Riley is decisive and shows a particular ruthlessness when confronting enemy combatants. He is used to command and makes well informed decisions. He rarely makes a move without weighing the odds.

In addition Riley is not the type of leader who leads from the rear. Oftentimes he is in the front of the pack or commanding from the battlefield. He is not a desk jockey and will be the first to drop into a hot LZ with his people.

As the MarDet Commander, Riley oversees marines on several vessels. He encourages the individual MarDet commanders to run their own ships. He can then concentrate on the more strategic level.

He holds his officers and NCO's to the highest standard, expecting them to remember two things above all; accomplish the mission and bring their marines home.

Riley was never married and devoted his time to the marines after leaving home.

Liza was raised on Caprica by a wealthy businesswoman, Delia, who had never wanted children (having been talked into the issue by her husband Sebastian, who died shortly before Liza's birth) and showed her regret mainly by neglecting and occasionally abusing her only child. As a result, in adulthood, Liza felt she belonged nowhere, until, guided by a college professor who had served as a young man as one of the negotiators of the unification of the Colonies, she joined the Colonial government as an agent with the Colonial Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Liza often worked undercover pursuing organized crime and domestic terrorism, and was involved in several cases relating to followers of Tom Zarek. At the time of the Cylon attacks she was on leave aboard the Dawn, enjoying her first real vacation in several years. During the attacks, she 'witnessed' the last hours and ultimate fall of the government via text and voice over her official transmitter. The experience of hearing the last desperate stands and subsequent deaths affected her deeply, and has been at the heart of nearly everything she has done since.

Mac grew up in a family with four older brothers and one younger brother. Both her parents were mechanics; they both served in the Colonial Navy toward the end of the first Cylon war. Mac’s oldest brother Ross is a Viper pilot on the CSS DDG93 “Jason Gray” (Alicta Class Destroyer), and the rest of her family lives on Aerelon. Mac is especially close to her father and Ross.

Mac is a natural mechanic, able to fix a variety of mechanical things intuitively. Bring her your broken coffee pot, EarTunes, hairdryer, she can usually figure out what’s wrong and repair it. She is very protective of the ships she’s responsible for, and considers them “her” ships.

She’s usually pretty quiet and will often spend her off-duty time “on duty”, fixing the ships; the Libra’s Chief of the Deck, Chief Karl Sutton, repeatedly chased her off the deck because she put in too many hours.

Dan comes from a lower income family on Sagittaron (Cape Nereus). His mother worked as a janitor, his father operated a packaging machine at the local newspaper. Dan’s older sister Nikoleta graduated from beautician school and does a damn good job cutting hair; he also has a little brother, Elias, who is 15 years younger than he is.

Dan was one of those kids who were born big and strong; he never went looking for fights but always seemed to be around when they happened. His favorite subject in school was phys ed, and he barely graduated high school with marginal grades. Not that he couldn’t have done better, he just didn’t care much about “book shit”. After he graduated, his dad kicked him out of the house, telling him it was time he supported himself. Dan got a job loading trucks at a weapons manufacturing facility and bunked with a buddy because he didn’t make enough to live on his own. He ended up getting fired for getting in a fight with another worker, then the buddy kicked him out because he couldn’t pay his half the rent.

Dan joined the Colonial Marines because he liked guns. He found he liked the Marines better than he expected. He wasn’t too thrilled about attending all those Marine courses for a year and a half, but at least the stuff was interesting. And he had a warm bunk, plenty of food, and he didn’t mind being told what to do. He actually liked the routine, not having to worry about what to do next, and he didn’t get in trouble for fighting. He got assigned to the Marine Detachment on the Libra as soon as he was done with the last survival school, and was glad to be done with all that coursework.

Two weeks after Dan was assigned to the Libra, the Cylons attacked. Dan wasn’t the sentimental type, and he missed his family, but he liked the Marine routine, working out, and shooting the guns.

Scott Duncan started in the Colonial Army as enlisted, serving four years in Special Operations before getting out and going to college.

He got his bachelor’s degree in History and Military Studies, and then rejoined the Colonial Army as a commissioned officer. He continued his career in Special Operations/Covert Ops for the next eleven years, at which time he resigned his commission over differences of opinion with his commander about a mission.

He then taught history for nine months at a high school on Leonis. At the time of the attacks he was a passenger on the Pan Galactic 76, on his way to attend the University of Tauron for a PhD in History.

Answering the call for people with military experience he was reinstated at his previous rank and placed under the command of the Fleet MarDet.

Duncan is very quiet, and his years in Covert Ops have made him highly adverse to any kind of outward displays of skills or emotion, a habit that led to his divorce.

He has a great deal of bitterness toward the military ‘system’, but is proud of his years of service, and on the rare occasion he speaks of military members he worked with, he has only words of praise.

Her father was a fireman, her mother died when she was 2 years old. Josette's father never remarried and took care of his only daughter, his “tomboy princess.” with the help of his mother and sister, until he died in a fire set up by striking union workers.

Josie, as she is known by her family, was 17 at the time, and was totally devastated by her father’s death. She signed up with the Marines as soon as she turned 18 to make some money in order to go to college.

Her plans were to finish her military committment, muster out, and go to college, pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Josette is quiet, disciplined and dependable, and very good with a rifle. She can hold her own in hand to hand combat, and is deadly with a knife, which she carries strapped to her right thigh.

She has a keen sense of humor and a weakness for trashy romantic novels. She is very pretty but is not aware of it. Her one vanity is her hair, which she wears long and is often braided. She made a vow to Artemis that she would remain a virgin until her wedding. She has a tattoo of Artemis’s bow on her left shoulder.

Francois Laffitte was the youngest of Marianne and Gaston Laffitte's six children, and the only boy. He was a beautiful, precocious child, and his mother, grandmothers and sisters fairly doted on him. His father was a stevedore and pretty much ignored him.

His troubles began in middle school, where he often bore the brunt of the bullies' taunts because of his pretty face. He soon learned to fight back. It was there that he developed a taste for fistfights and troublemaking, to counter the "pretty boy" moniker. By high-school he had "graduated" to knives, truancy and drugs.

He barely finished high-school, joined the union and began working as a stevedore with his father. He cleaned up his drug use, worked hard and partied harder, and women loved him. The union boss found out about his profficiency with a knife and his fists, and sometimes used him for "jobs" - mainly collecting from morose employers or "taking care' of someone who threatened the boss. Life was good. But then the union boss found out that Frankie had been having an affair with his wife, and the proverbial crap hit the fan; Frankie had to "disappear."

He joined the Marines and never looked back.

Karl Vansen joined the service at the age of eighteen, training in fighter combat as a viper pilot. By twenty-five Vansen earned the rank of captain and was appointed CO of a viper squadron aboard the destroyer Michael R. Sphynx . At the age of 30, he was transferred to the battlestar Atlantia, as a squadron CO. Then at 33, he was promoted to Major, and CAG. When he was 38, he was promoted to Colonel and transferred back to Sphynx as XO. His exemplary record earned him an appointment as CO of the destroyer. After a year the Sphynx was sent for a complete rebuild at the Picon Shipyards and he was transferred to the battlestar Libra as XO.

It was the military’s intent to promote Vansen from Colonel to Commander, and from XO to CO of a battlestar, but the cylon attacks have ruined that plan.

Vansen is an “easy going” officer. He doesn’t bark orders, and he doesn’t flaunt his authority. He is a straight shooter, who tells it like it is, however. He’s very approachable and mingles well with his crewmates.

Battlestar Group 26 originally consisted of: the Battlestar Libra, a top of the line Mercury Class Battlestar; the battlestars Solstice, and Delphinus; five cruisers; four destroyers, including Douglas J.Griffyn, Perseus and Michel R. Sphynx; and several other support vessels. After the Sphynx was sent into drydock the decision was made not to replace her but to keep her inactive until her refit was completed.

After “Day Zero”, Battlestar Group 26 consists of: Battlestar Libra, and Destroyers Griffyn and Perseus.

On Day 114, Admiral Benito Rodrigues promoted Vansen to Commander, and tranferred him to the post of Commanding Officer, of the destroyer Perseus.

Growing up near the Fleet HQ located at the city of Tarsus, the planetary capital of Picon, Richard Cole wanted to command a starship before he ever thought of riding a bike.

After entering the service at the age of eighteen, he went through basic training on Picon, trained as tactical officer, served aboard several Colonial Ships, including the Battlestar Omega before going to Fleet Command School and the War College. There, he once met Commander William Adama of the Battlestar Galactica, who was there holding a lesson over the Cylon War and the dangers of networked computers. Adama impressed him greatly and he tried hard to become a commanding officer like him.

Newly commissioned Captain, he returned to the Battlestar Omega and took the position of head tactical Officer (4th man after CO, XO and CAG)
Three very successful years later he was promoted Major and stationed aboard the new Destroyer Perseus.

Cole is almost always calm, collected and polite, but there are some things that he just can't stand: alcoholics, drugs and irresponsibility to name a few. His favorite pastimes are rock climbing, diving, skiing and traditional Sword-fighting

Razorski joined the Marines at age 16. A highly capable grunt she is strictly by-the-book.

Razorski works best under a decisive commander. She has little tolerance for politics, diplomacy, and incompetence.

She is a VERY tough taskmaster on the Marines she's responsible for. She earned the nickname "Razor" due to her fighting prowess and her ruthlessness towards the toasters.

Originally assigned to the Battlestar Solstice during the opening hours of the holocaust Razorski kept her marines alive and toether they ensured the survival of many of the Solstice's crew when she was rendered inoperative by the Cylons.

Upon transfering to the Libra she was made the top ranking NCO of the fleet. Like Eric Riley she prefers to lead fro the front and can often be seen in the thick of combat operations.

Nikol’s clan was angry at the Scorpia government because the government was cheating the clan out of profits from the sale of texa gems and trying to discover the location of texa gem deposits. The Jahari clan believed that the Scorpia government’s ultimate goal was to subjugate all the clans, using them as slave labor. Their plan to oppose the Scorpia government involved sending some of their clan members into Colonial service, to learn more about larger scale warfare and to get clan members in positions of influence in the Colonial government.

Nikol was chosen to join the Colonial Marines and learn about how they conduct combat campaigns; and then return to Scorpia to train other clan members to fight and defend the clan.

Nik has been in the Marines for eighteen months, assigned to the Patrocles three months before the cylon attacks.

Alexa Synder was the only child of a career Colonial Navy couple, both of whom served in the First Cylon War before she was born. During their frequent extended absences when she was growing up, Alexa was shuttled from relative to relative and learned to be self-reliant at an early age. Her relatives often told her of the wartime heroism of her parents, so it was no surprise when she joined the Colonial Marines after she graduated from college.

Alexa quickly became known as an officer who got things done, and if her methods weren’t exactly ‘by the book’, they were effective, and she rose quickly in the ranks. She served several long tours on Sagittaron, quelling uprisings instigated by Zarek, becoming increasingly heavy-handed in her dealings with the local rebels. An incident in the town of Deona on Sagittaron earned her the title of “Butcher of Deona”, and the resulting outcry by the press pressured the Colonial Marine Corps to relieve her of duty and bring charges against her.

She was never prosecuted, as psychological examinations by a board of psychiatrists declared her criminally insane and unfit to stand trial. She was incarcerated in the Admiral Sarah Kadon Memorial Mental Hospital under heavy security.

Her body, along with that of her psychiatrist, Dr Cepha Burnett, was found by occupying cylon forces four days after the attacks on the colonies.

Commander William Guynes graduated in the top five percent of his class in war and command colleges. During basic training, he was considered the second best recruit in his class. When he was younger, William was the typical over-achiever. This won his friends and a few enemies along the way.

Commander Susan Vance had been initially selected as Intrepid's XO. Seven months before space trials were to begin, she was killed in a rafting accident on Aerelon. Admiral Jacobs sent immedate requests to several friends for a good replacement.

William Guynes was serving as a destroyer commander escorting the Columbia. He was recommended to Jacobs by the Columbia’s CO with the very unofficial note “Will is a great guy. He handles command well and is driven. Watch it, Tom…he may take your job at some point (grin)”.

With that, Admiral Jacobs met with Guynes. After the meeting, Jacobs requested Guynes to serve as Intrepid's XO. Fleet Command approved the request two days later.

Told he was really too tall for vipers, Guynes took CIC training and is an expert with communications and weapons control. Two years prior to the holocaust, he met his wife on the Intrepid. Lt. Jenni McDowell serves as a nurse. William’s father died in a car accident when he was 22. His mother, brother and sister all live on Caprica. He is the oldest of the children.

Ultimately Guynes transferred from XO of the Intrepid to command the Battlestar Taurus.

At the time of the attacks Guynes was in command of the Battlestar Taurus as part of the Intrepid battlegroup.

Xenthias "Jolly" Merconi served with Inga Mueller aboard both the Columbia and the Delphinus, and they became fast friends. Inga mustered out but Xenthais remained until retirement. While still in the service, Xenthais married Owen Morris, who had been her and Inga's CAG on the Columbia. Together they built a prosperous business, Aerlon's biggest private aircraft dealership, from which they sold stock as well as custom-designed vessels manufactured by the biggest names in the business, including military suppliers such as MacCleary-Cutlass.

After 22 years of marriage, Owen fell in love with another woman and divorced Xenthais. He kept the townhouse and the business; she kept the beach house and Terpsichore, the 60-foot ship she helped design. The divorce, which was final just a few weeks before the attack, left Xenthais bitter, aimless and very very rich.

Even though she wanted to, Xenthais never had any children, so she dotes on Inga's girls like an over-indulgent aunt.

Daniel Storm is a second-generation Colonial Marine. Both of his parents served and they met while serving on Caprica. Storm grew up a ‘marine brat’, following his parents from duty station to duty station. He was the oldest of three children. From the age of four, all young Daniel wanted to be was a marine.

At the age of 16, he entered the Marine Academy on Picon. After four years, he graduated at the top of his class. He excelled in sports, science and history during this time. Besides the basic skills a marine learns, Storm was found to have a knack for intelligence, assault planning and leadership.

Storm had progressed quickly and was on the track to make Major before his 35th birthday. Known to be a good, but tough leader, he had the respect of those he commanded…as well as those who commanded him. He performed four tours of combat duty on Sagittaron, quelling civil unrest.

On Day 0, Captain Storm was a part of a war game that was about to start when the Cylons attacked. Battle damaged, the large troop transport performed a blind jump. After limping in space for ten hours, they were found by a heavy fleet tug and the Cloud 9 Luxury Liner, Nimbus.

After finding his senior officers dead, Capt. Storm took charge of the 1400 troops on the transport and (for the most part) kept order until they were found by the Intrepid Fleet. Storm formed the Military Criminal Investigation Team (MCIT) to help track down a rapist/murderer on the Leonis Pride (Intrepid Storyline). He was also named CO of the Marine MarDet on the Taurus, where he serves as of this time.

Not much has changed for Capt. Storm since meeting up with the Libra fleet, although he was happy (and relieved) to see more marines and other survivors, in particular Col. Riley, Maj. Duncan and Gunnery Sergeant Razorski.

Former Chief Engineer of the Battlestar Scorpius Dean became XO after the Taurus was acquired from the Regallian Stowage Yards. Dean was a well-respected engineer and designer. He was the main designer for the Ranger Scout (Scout Raptor). As XO of the Taurus, he is known for being at times blunt and to the point.

Off hours, he loves to tinker and design. Wilson is also an avid Pyramid and car racing fan.

Wilson is the son of Rita and Jerry Wilson. His mother was a school teacher and his father was the owner of a car dealership in the small college town of Alva on Canceron

The day Dean turned, 17, he joined the Colonial Fleet. During his first three years, he was a deck hand in the hangers of the Taurus. He then went on to college and received a degree in astro-engineering.

During the pre-war years, Col. Wilson quickly worked his way through the ranks and became one of the youngest chief engineers of a battlestar at the age of 29. He spent his time on the older classes of battlestars, waiting for his chance to chief on a new Mercury class ship.

Col. Wilson was married many years ago, but his wife and young son died when a tornado destroyed the on-base storm shelter.

Colonel Wilson became XO of the Libra on day 139


Taurus Chief Engineer

On Day 0, Lane Azmos was the Assistant Chief on the Battlestar Scorpius with then Chief Engineer (Major) Dean Wilson. He also served as a team member that brought the Taurus back to life.

When Dean Wilson was promoted to XO position, Azmos was the natural choice to be the chief engineer. Through hard work and occasionally picking the brain of his mentor (Wilson), The 'Bull' was raging in space again.

Growing up, Lane was always interested in all things mechanical. His father was an pro-am race car driver that spent his weekends in the summer racing at small regional tracks. By the age of eleven, he was welding and repairing the family racer.

Upon graduating from school, Lane spent three years in the Colonial Merchant Marine before going into the navy. His first duty station was on board the Destroyer Alexander I. Lesvos. There he met then-lieutenant Dean Wilson, the ship's #3 engineer. When Wilson became chief engineer years later on the Lesvos, he made Lane his assistant chief. As Wilson made his way to other ships, he found ways to convince the ship captains to get Azmos transfered as well.

Lane was never married and has no children. On Day 0, his parents and two sisters were killed by a nuke that hit the capital city of Leonis.

Captain Mejia was a survivor from the Battlestar Athena where he served as an Auxiliary Control officer. He served as the third in command on the Taurus until his redeployment on the Bellerophon.

He gets along well with his crewmates and superiors, but does have a short temper at times. Eric drives himself to be the best in all that he does and sometimes takes it out on himself when he doesn't 'live up to standards'.

Originally a viper pilot, Mejia transferred to ship command staff after suffering injuries in a war game simulation. His wife divorced him two years before the outbreak of the war.
Growing up, Ramona Neuman was the little girl who many considered had it ‘good’ in small-town on Libra. She was born and raised in the farm town of Hardtner. (population 5200). Her father was a small-town newspaper editor/owner while Ramona’s mother was a nurse. She had a younger brother who was being groomed to take over the newspaper business. At the age of 17, she shocked family and friends when joined the Marines.

After her first tour of duty, Ramona double majored in Law Enforcement and Military Intelligence Studies at a regional university on her home planet while serving in a reserve unit.

After graduation, she returned to active duty where she served in Marine Intelligence. At the time of the Cylon Attacks, she was a Marine Intelligence officer on the Scorpius (Intrepid Episodes). She moved on to the Taurus and was a founding member of the Military Criminal Investigation Team (M-CIT) as well as Chief Intelligence officer.

In her off time, she loves to paint, draw, dance and swim. Neuman is also a very good Colors player and had built up a (currently worthless) pile of cubits. She is serious when on duty and sometimes hard to approach during off hours, until you get to know her. Ramona’s circle of friends is small, but they know she will bend over backwards to help them in a time of need.

Although she will never admit it, Ramona is a huge soap opera fan and has traded for discs of old shows with other people in the fleet. It’s also rumored that she has one of the bigger ear-tunes collection in the fleet.

Former CAG (Commander Air Group) of the battlestar Taurus Watkins was promoted to fleet CAG upon the unification of both fleets.

Sabrina expects a lot from her pilots and more from herself. She is fair and even-handed with her pilots. She graduated fight school with top honors in her class.

She is rumored to have been in a relationship with Lt. (now Captain) Kevin Butler of the Taurus (See Intrepid storylines for more information).

Eleni Kyriake (Eleni Nezra prior to her marriage) retired from the Colonial Department of State 30 days prior to the Cylon attacks after more than 42 years of service. The oldest child of Cassia and Frank Nezra, a nurse and a firefighter, she was raised on Virgon, but captivated from early childhood with the life and career of her Uncle Jeff, the Virgonese Ambassador to Caprica.

The First Cylon War and unification of the Colonies began in her late childhood/early teens, and during her teenage years she served as a member of Virgon Civil Defense in the city of Theliki, until beginning her diplomatic career a few years later. Posted to headquarters on Caprica during the last two to three years of the war, she survived several near-death experiences and lost several friends, but has the resiliant spirit and mindset that tended to define the generation that live through the war. One such experience, in fact, resulted in her meeting her husband, Rick, then a medical student whom she married several months later. At the time of the Cylon attacks, the two were on a cruise aboard the Highlands Dawn celebrating their retirements.

Nicholas "Quickdraw" Baxter enlisted in the colonial military shortly after meeting the minimum age requirements. Training to be a viper pilot he quickly became a star performer during aerial gunnery which earned him the callsign "Qucikdraw".

He served some time with the orbital defense forces at the Picon fleet shipyards and there he met and became friends with Rayna "Draco" Darkstone. As an ensign, he served some time aboard the Battlestar Columbia with Ensign Darkstone. Both were eventually promoted to Lt. (JG) but soon after, went their separate ways for a time.

Quickdraw ended up on the Battlestar Libra in the Black Crows squadron under the command of Captain Dell. He heard about Draco's impending transfer to the Libra and recommended her for Black Crows Squadron through Cpt. Dell.

After the attacks Quickdraw was promoted to squadron leader. His flying style and flight experience have earned him a reputation as a top notch pilot.

Mira Koldeski earned the callsign "Divot" from all the marks she put in her simulator during basic flight at the academy.

Having a propensity for pushing the envelope a bit too hard at times she would often attempt to make every landing a combat landing thus adding a lot more wear and tear on the ships assigned to her. Her first post academy assignment was with the Libra battle group and she caused a large amount of consternation with the deckhands at the constant stress she put on "their" vipers.

During the attacks she was assigned to the VP113 "Black Crows" squadron and earned the spot as squadron XO where she remains a member of the Libra military.


Rayna enlisted shortly after meeting the minimum age requirements. Her mother objected but couldn't stop her. She met and became friends with Nicholas "Quickdraw" Baxter while in the academy. As an ensign, she served some time aboard the orbital defense forces with Ensign Baxter. Both were eventually promoted to Lt. (JG) but soon after, went separate ways for a few months.

Draco served aboard the Battlestar Valkyrie and Quickdraw on the Battlestar Libra. They kept in contact though, and a couple months before the attacks on the Colonies, she ended up being assigned to the Battlestar Libra in the Black Crows squadron with Quickdraw, under the command of Cpt. Dell.

A few days before the attacks, the squadron XO left for unknown reasons and Draco (being the only one in the squadron with advanced training) was promoted to full Lieutenant, becoming the temporary XO.


Marcus Zayne is second in command of "Shadow Team", a Colonial special operations unit once run by Colonial Fleet Intelligence before the holocaust. Zayne's commander and best friend is Eric Riley, head of the fleet Mardet.

Besides being second in command Zayne is also the team's demolitions expert. If it has any possibility of exploding Marc has already thought of numerous ways to accomplish it.

Marcus is level headed and calculating. He will take time to explain tactics to new marines when training them. When in combat he moves swiftly and silently, often sneaking up on his target before they even know he's there.

Marcus and the other members of Shadow Team were fortunate enough to be picked up by a civilian ship at the onset of the hostilities between the humans and the cylons and were reunited with their former team leader as well as their old team commander, Benito Rodrigues.


Luther was raised on a farm along the shores of one of Aquaria's many large lakes to a loving family. The days were long and hard but they instilled a work ethic in Luther that carried on when he joined the Colonial Marines.

Luther is Shadow Team's communication specialist. In addition he is cross trained in weapons and explosives.

Luther was not married and lost his parents long before the holocaust. As a result Luther made the Colonial military his home.

Luther is a patient teacher and has often been seen in the CIC assisting the communications specialists with their duties when he has down time.


"One Shot, One Kill" are more than words to Asanus. They are a way of life as he has lived for many years as a military sniper. Asanus joined the Colonial marines at the age of eighteen and excelled in marksmanship right out of basic training.

He was noticed by members of Colonial Intelligence who recruited him for special operations. He spent his entire enlistment as a special operations sniper and was ultimately assigned to a team lead by then Captain Riley.

His primary assignment is intelligence gathering and recon. In addition he will also bring a situation to a swift and violent end if he is tasked to take a shot.

As a member of Shadow Team Asanus also possesses CQB skills unmatched by the fleet marines. He is swift, violent, and thorough.

Michael was married however his wife and child were killed in a traffic accident on Picon while he was away on an operation.


Richard Barkley is something of a contradiction when it comes to his life. Barkley is a member of Shadow Team and operates as their medic. Barkley has the skills and authority to conduct surgery on injured persons due to his training and the fact he often operates behind enemy lines where there is no easy extraction. Barkley has saved lives on numerous occasions and has also assisted Libra's surgeons when they needed him.

The contradiction comes from his lethality. As a member of Shadow Team Barkley is a deadly as any of the other members and possesses a plethora of skills as a special operator. While he may be the closest thing to a battlefield angel he is also a demon when it comes to closing with and destroying the enemy.

Barkley has never wrestled with the decisions he has made as he sees those decisions as a direct result of protecting those who can't protect themselves.


Crenna learned to fly vipers at the close of the First Cylon War and remained as a pilot during his entire term of service in the Colonial Military.

As a young pilot he met another viper jockey turned fleet officer. That person was Benito Rodrigues. Rodrigues and Crenna often made bets on who the better pilot was. It was during one of these "bets" Crenna earned the moniker of "Wild Bill" by flying his viper through the Arches of Calypso, a monument on Picon in the capital city. The opening left only a few meters of clearance for his fighter and he performed the maneuver at top speed.

That maneuver also got him noticed. Ultimately he transferred from vipers to being a pilot in Colonial Intelligence. There he retained his qualifications on all types of colonial craft.

Crenna was touted as being one of the best all around military pilots in the colonies and his reputation landed him as a gunship pilot.

Although he could have retired he chose to stay in the military and continue flying, a decision his superiors readily agreed to.

In addition to being a top notch pilot Crenna is a trained sniper and acts as a spotter for Michael Asanus on many missions. He is also a skilled entry team member although he only joins the team on those missions when he is really needed.


Zimmer is the primary gunner on one of the Libra's RATs (short for Rhino Assault Transport). "Zimmer" was pursuing a degree in Sports Management at the time of the Cylon attacks, having been just granted a semester TDY assignment to one of Gemenon's best management schools.

By military standards Zimmerman is a bit older than his counterparts but few people dare mention it. Zimmerman is in top shape and as such takes great pride in embarrassing those that think they can best him.

Since the attacks Zimmerman has applied himself completely to his position within the Libra's ranks. He is adamant that those marines he is transporting will be safe and protected as long as the enemy is within range of his guns.

Zimmerman is unmarried.


Hunt grew up in a succession of foster homes until he headed out on his own at age 12. He lived in the streets of Hedge City, a large agricultural and industrial city, surviving on his wits and meals from the local homeless shelters.

Hunt is a typical street kid, wary and distrustful. He has vague memories of an early childhood without turmoil, but he knows that he was first placed in a foster home when he was four years old. He can lie, fight, and steal, although he doesn’t enjoy breaking the law. He has an inner sense of justice, but is bitter and cynical about ever actually seeing justice.

On the day of the attacks Hunt, running from a rival gang, was seeking shelter aboard the ship Demeter when they had to flee. He was found and the Demeter became his home.

Later, looking for purpose in his life, Hunt joined the fleet marines.