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THE CONFEDERACY - original fiction by Admiral Frank

Once upon a time, in a Universe far far away there was a tale passed down through the generations of a great power which no one could contain. It helped form the universe. It was a relic of an ancient and wise race.

One Day it was deactivated by it's creators - no one knows why.

Driven by an unprecedented mix of greed, worry, and a sense of righteousness, five superpowers combined their forces to seek this power. They left to seek it out. None of them returned.

This is their story which is as endless as their mission: To traverse the darkest recesses of space, in search of limitless power.



SAGA OF THE STAR WORLDS - fanfiction by Gin Rummy

"Life here... began out there. Out there... life ended."


STELLARIS - fanfiction by Silverlantern


CARRIERSTAR: ACHILLES - fanfiction by Admiral Frank

Carrierstar: Achilles is an expansion on Battlestar Galactica's dark themes, to the point of a horror-esque story.


BATTLESTAR VALKYRIE - fanfiction by wildcat

While in command of the Valkyrie, Bill Adama de-networked the ship. When he was transfered to the Galactica the brass decided to return the ship back to specs. Circumstances allowed them only enough time at the Fleet ship yard to network some subsystems.

Now, with a new Command Staff and an unproved network system, the Battlestar Valkyrie is making a 3 month shake down with Sevron 16. Then the cylons showed up...


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